October 3, 2022

About Us

Ourdateideas.com is focused on only one thing – to help you find the best date idea (ever), and delight your dream partner!

Our website is owned and operated by us (Lisa & Scott, that’s us in the photo).

We offer the most comprehensive lists of dating ideas to suit any budget and occasion. We won’t just give you the ideas, we’ll show you who they’re great for and why they’ll work!

About Lisa & Scott

We are married lovers, computer geeks, avid adventurers taking over the world.

Over the course of our relationship, we’ve been on hundreds of dates and we think we’ve almost done them all! After several years of giving advice to friends on how to date, we decided to launch this website.

We’re the kind of couple who never wants to let our spark die, so our dating life is of a prime focus to us. We’re always coming up with ways to speak each other’s Love Languages and show just a little more appreciation each day.

Our dating life has taken us through rainforests in Australia to the sunny beaches of Vanuatu and even up the Eiffel Tower in Paris! We’ve enjoyed some of the romantic locations in the world and found ways to make every date special.

Ourdateideas.com provides a window into a special part of our relationship which we normally wouldn’t get to share. We’re excited to have you here and to hear about the wonderful success you’re about to have!

About Lisa

I’m from Russia with love 😉 I was born in Moscow and moved to sunny Sydney with my wonderful parents and sister.

Growing up I was a complete nerd who went to math and science camps over the summer holidays. It wasn’t until university that I realised I was a massive extrovert who found just as much joy in social gatherings as I did solving formulas.

This combination is what led me to pursue a career in finance and ultimately befriend my future husband Scott. We still nerd out over spreadsheets and regularly make bad accounting puns.

Scott is the yin to my yang and we balance each other perfectly. Scott’s introversion keeps me grounded, and my outgoing/ artistic nature keeps things dynamic. Together we’re unstoppable *kiss*

About Scott

I grew up in the country in Western Australia (a small town called Byford) and was raised by my wonderful Mum and loving Grandparents. They’re responsible for everything I have in life and who I am today.

I’ve always been a nerd and like many guys, struggled in learning how to date. But like many things in life, if you make enough mistakes, you eventually learn (and boy did I make a lot of mistakes!).

I started my working life at an Australian stock brokerage and eventually got into the investment research space. I first met Lisa when we were both analysts in the financial industry here in Sydney. Little did we know we would one day end up as husband and wife!

We were friends for a long time before we eventually started dating and decided to marry in May 2020. It was difficult to do a wedding in the midst of the lockdowns but we found a way and even made the local press! Marrying Lisa was and will always be the best decision of my life!

Some facts about me!

  • I love investments and operate a ‘micro-business’ that teaches university students how to do equity research. My day job is in financial modeling.
  • I have a Master’s Degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of New South Wales and can code in R, SQL and other languages.
  • I’m a big big fan of happy hardcore & DnB music – S3RL is my favorite DJ.
  • My favorite vacation spot in the world is Barcelona, it’s such a fantastic city!