September 30, 2022

How to Plan a Full Day Date – Our Ultimate Guide

In today’s blog, we’ll show you how to plan a full day date! Full day dates are exactly as per the name – a date which will be for the entire day! We have these on Saturdays every week :).

Scott has a special formula for these kinds of dates where he divides it into 3 ‘sub-dates’. 

One date should be focused on just having fun, one should be focused on being active (e.g. going for a walk or perhaps something more strenuous like surfing) and the last should be romantic.

To pick the perfect ‘sub-date’ you’ll need to know your partner’s personality type and love language. Simply match these variables to the date ideas as we’ll show below and you’re all set!

Firstly, we’ll discuss the relevant personality types and Love Languages in detail before we provide an in-depth review for each date in terms of expected costs as well as our tips for making it special 🙂 .

What is your partner’s personality type?

There’s little point in taking an introverted nerd at heart (like Scott!) to a heavy metal concert or buying ice cream for someone who’s carb conscious. Date ideas need to match the personality and passions of the person you’re dating for it to be romantic (we wrote an in-depth blog on this topic which you can find here).

What is your partner’s Love Language?

Our date ideas also require you to know your dates love language. Love Languages are forms of communication which express our love for our date as well as how we want to be shown love.

The Five Love Languages consist of quality time, acts of service, gift-giving, words of affirmation and physical touch and are discussed in depth in the book ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman.

If you’re not sure what your Love Languages are, you can find out via Gary’s quiz (click this link to go to the quiz). You can share this with your partner, and find out their results and pick the perfect date to match their Love Language!

Without further ado, let’s discuss our date ideas in depth!


Physical Touch: Go to a theater and watch a newly released sci-fi movie 

Look out for newly released sci-fi movies or docufilms that you know your partner will like. If your partner is an introvert at heart, they are likely to like watching superhero films like that from DC or Marvel. Marvel’s scheduled to release Black Widow, Loki, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier early this year so better watch out for those films!

Check out the movie schedule and plan your day accordingly. You can grab a meal before the movie or have dinner after watching. This date is perfect especially if your partner loves to geek out over films. A movie ticket will cost about $15 to $20 per person. Maybe you can set a budget of $30 to $50 per person which will include your meal. We recommend strolling around the city first before seeing the movie then going to dinner after watching. It gives that ultimate perfect date experience!

Words of Affirmation: Visit a bookstore and look for book quotes that you’d like to dedicate to your partner

Scout some local bookstores nearby. Maybe grab some coffee with your partner before going. It gives off that first date kind of feeling. Go to the bookstore with your bae with coffee in hand. Pick out random books and read their summaries. 

How to Plan a Full Day Date

Read a few pages or go for the most random ones and look for quotes that you know would fit your relationship. Exchange quotes with your partner. Make sure that these lines are something that really resonates with you to make it more special. 

If you or your partner liked the quote from the book so much, buy it and read it to each other at home! A book costs around $5 to $20. We suggest that you go for the local bookstores instead of those known ones that can be found in the mall. You’d definitely feel like you’re in a meet-cute episode with your partner. 

Acts of Service: Book tickets to an Escape Room event and work together to finish it

Escape rooms are always a fun thing to do. Look for escape rooms and select the type of adventure that you and your partner would like to experience. Some examples of the adventure you can go to are secret service missions, bank heists, and wizard’s quest. This date is perfect especially if your partner loves to solve puzzles, mysteries, and is up for some adventure.

We recommend Escape Hunt. It will last about an hour or more depending on the type of adventure. It costs around $40 or more per person so that would be $80 for the both of you. If the schedule of the room permits, we recommend doing this in the late afternoon or at night for that added thrill!

Receiving gifts: Go to an art gallery and buy a piece of art or painting

Look around your area for a nearby art gallery. It doesn’t have to be a professional or well-known gallery. It can even be an indie one as long as there are art pieces displayed. Visit the gallery with your partner and take time to look at the art. See if something resonates with the both of you. It should speak to you both strong enough for you to buy it and make it a part of your home. This date is most suited if your partner loves and appreciates art.

Art date idea

Admissions for art galleries are usually free. However, if you’re planning to buy pieces, these might range from $100 to over $2000, depending on the piece itself. To make this date even memorable, choose a piece that reminds you of each other. This way, every time you’ll both see the piece, you’ll look back to the day you’ve spent together when you picked it out.

Quality time: Spend the day playing role-playing games together

Playing role-playing games (RPG) with your partner is an exciting thing to do especially if your partner is a gamer. Try out the games or ask them to teach you if they are already playing some games. We recommend playing Final Fantasy VII, Assassin’s Creed, or Genshin Impact. Spend the day together playing with each other and finishing quests. These games range from $30 to $50 or your partner might already have it installed on their PC. 

You can start playing with your bae from morning until the evening or from evening to dawn. We recommend that you go the extra mile and take some time to prepare all the food and drink that you’re going to be needing as you play with your partner. This way, you can spend time with them without interruptions so you’re both focused on playing and finishing the game.


Physical Touch: Picnic on grassed areas while watching the ocean

Set the date and make sure that you or your partner won’t be busy. Make it a point that this date will go uninterrupted. Plan the menu you’re going to bring for the picnic. You can buy them from the store or make them from scratch. Go to the beach with your partner and bring out the table cloth. Prepare the food, bring out the drinks (we recommend bringing wine!), and watch the sunset together. This date is perfect especially if your partner loves to watch the sunset. 

Wine date idea

It’s best to do this date between 5 to 6 PM so you can get the best view of the sun setting down. Cuddle with your partner as you appreciate how beautiful the view is. This date will cost about $20 to $50 depending on the food you’re going to bring to the picnic. To make this date more special, serve food that you know your partner loves. Trust us, they will love you so much for doing this!

Words of Affirmation: Do a cook-off and see who does it better

Choose a dish or a particular cuisine that you will do with your partner. You can buy the needed ingredients from the grocery together as a part of your date. Cook against each other and really try your best to outdo them. Taste each other’s dishes. If they did it better than you, see to it that you compliment them for their cooking. 

Food date idea

This date is most suited if your partner loves to cook or eat. You can shop for the ingredients and prep them late in the afternoon so cooking it will make it just in time for dinner. It will cost around $20 to $50 depending on the food you’re going to make. We recommend that you try cooking food that they haven’t tasted before to make this date more memorable. 

Acts of Service: Buy ingredients from the farmer’s market together and prepare their favorite meal

Going to the grocery store or your local farmer’s market is such an underrated date. Most people don’t realize it but this activity resonates with this type of bond. Prepare the meal you’re going to cook for them and buy the ingredients together. We recommend waking up really early as it’s best to visit the farmer’s market in the morning. 

Grab some coffee with your partner and pick out the ingredients together. After going home, cook the meal and set the table afterwards. This date will last about half a day but you can take all the time that you need in cooking for them and spending time with them. It will cost about $20 to $30 depending on the food you’re going to prepare. To make this date even more special, you can spend half the day at the farmer’s market just scouting for ingredients. There’s no need to rush. Enjoy the day together!

Receiving gifts: Go restaurant-hopping

For this date, you’re going to visit different restaurants with your partner. You can plan this accordingly by mapping out the restaurants near your place and see which ones you’re going to visit and what part of the meal you’re going to eat from a specific restaurant.

Many foods date idea

If you and your partner are more of the adventurous and spontaneous type, you can just stroll around with your partner and if a restaurant appeals to you, then go ahead and eat there. We suggest doing this for lunch up until dinner but you can also try it for the whole day. This date will cost about $100 at the very least but we promise that it’s definitely worth it! You get to try new food with your partner and enjoy their company.

Scott uses TripAdvisor for finding new restaurants.

Quality time: Go on a winery tour and do wine tasting

Are you feeling a little bougie and want to try out a new type of date with your partner? We recommend planning the whole day off from work and go on a winery tour. Learn more about the wine-making process with your partner and the best part of it all is the wine tasting afterwards. Enjoy trying and tasting wine and compare which ones you like from theirs!

Winery tour date idea

Wine tastings are usually $20 to $40 but you can also elevate the experience by including some add-ons such as lunch, class, or seminar. These extras can make the fees go as high as up to $100 depending on the winery. This date is perfect especially if your partner loves to try out wine and enjoy learning more about it. We recommend going late in the afternoon to give off that more romantic feeling. 

Fitness junkies

Physical Touch: Take a long walk at the beach

Plan a whole day or overnight trip to the beach. You can also check in a beach resort so it will be like a full-blown vacation with your partner. Take a long walk at the beach just before sunset so you can enjoy the view together. Hold each other’s hands and just appreciate how perfect the moment is :).

Beach date idea

Afterward, book a dinner by the ocean to make things more special. This date costs around $100 to $300 depending on where you’re going to stay. It’s also perfect especially if you both want to get away, relax, and enjoy each other’s company.

Words of Affirmation: Go on a hike together

Take the day off and go on a hike with your bae. It’s best to do this early in the morning so you can read the peak in the middle of the day or a little bit later. The duration of the hike will depend on your pace, trail, and elevation of the mountain you’re both going to climb. This date is most suited if your partner is adventurous and loves going out.

Prepare all the needed hiking gear. We recommend that you bring your phones or film cameras because the views will be majestic! This date will cost around $100 to $1000 per person for a basic hiking gear set-up. You can always repurpose some other sporty gear such as a backpack and shoes.  To make this date even memorable, take a lot of pictures when you and your partner have reached the top. This way, you’ll get to remember the day you’ve spent hiking together. 

Acts of Service:  Workout together then give your partner a massage afterwards 

Wake up early in the morning with your partner and workout together. Offer to set up the yoga mat or needed equipment that your partner might need for their exercise routine. This date is most suited especially if your partner loves working out. It’s also a good idea even if you don’t workout much – just the mere fact of showing them you’re willing to do one of their favorite things to do with them is already a sweet gesture. 

After an hour of working out with your partner, give each other a massage to relieve off the body tension. You can buy massage oils for $10 to $30 dollars. We recommend getting the lavender scent for its relaxing smell. You can also incorporate this kind of date into your weekly or monthly routine!

Receiving Gifts: Schedule a full-day pamper session together

Spoil your partner for some full-day pamper session! This date is perfect especially if your partner loves to relax and unwind after a long stressful week. Look for some pamper deals online. For this date, you can get a rejuvenating facial, full body massage, and foot spa for both of you. The pamper session usually lasts about an hour but it can also take the whole day if you really want your partner to get the whole relaxing experience. A couples’ pamper day session starts at $550. Your partner will absolutely love this date especially if they’ve been stressing overwork for quite some time.

Quality time: Book a full-day dance lesson

Look for dance studios online and see if there are any within your area. There should be a lot of dance classes available. You can choose the genre for the class you’re going to take with your partner.

Dance date idea

We suggest you take jazz and salsa lessons. Show up to class with your bae and really try your best to learn the moves being taught. This date is perfect if your partner loves to dance or get moving for a date. An hour of dance class will cost about $75 to $100 per person. We suggest doing at least 2 hours of it. It can be really tiring but at least you’re having fun with your partner at the same time! 


Physical Touch: Have a romantic spa day at home

Order essential oils, prepare a foot bath, light up the candles, and put on some relaxing music. This date is perfect especially if your partner loves to be physically close to you. Plan the whole day – make sure that you both won’t be getting any work-related notifications or anything that’s going to disrupt your date.

This date can be done anytime but we recommend doing it late in the afternoon to early evening. This date will cost around $50 in total for the essential oils and scented candles. We also recommend cooking food or ordering in advance so you don’t have to worry about getting hungry while you’re doing spa day with your partner.

Words of Affirmation: Go to open mic events and sing or do spoken poetry for each other

Look for open mic events around your area. Go there with your partner late in the afternoon or late at night, whichever you prefer. Order some food and drinks and watch the performances. You can also perform with your partner to make this date even more memorable!

Singing date idea

Sing to or with each other or do spoken poetry for them in front of everyone. If this doesn’t scream professing your undying love for them then we don’t know what does! This date will cost about $30 to $75 for the food and drinks. We highly recommend this date if you want to show off your partner and make them feel special.

Acts of Service: DIY a cute and cozy breakfast nook with your partner

If your partner loves eating breakfast with you, it’s a great idea to revamp your breakfast table and turn it into a nook. You can both work together as you draw up some blueprints for this project. You can also go to the hardware store together to buy the needed materials. 

This date is perfect especially if your partner loves to do something handy. We recommend that you look for ideas on Pinterest because there are a lot of aesthetic and cozy-looking nook designs there. It will cost you about $200 to $500 for a DIY nook depending on the quality and type of materials you’re going to get. You’ll get to see the fruits of your hard work after completing the project. Make it a point to always eat breakfast together as you sit in your breakfast nook.

Receiving gifts: Shop for new furniture and redecorate your place

Recreate furniture shopping scenes like the one from “500 Days of Summer” where Summer and Tom go to Ikea and roleplay using the staged set-ups. You can also take this opportunity to test out which furniture you’re going to get for your place. This date is most suited if your partner enjoys shopping and redecorating rooms. New furniture will cost about $500 to $2000 depending on what you’re going to get.

Quality time: Book a hotel and watch the sunset together

Book a hotel nearby and enjoy your stay with your partner. Make it a mini-vacation if you may. Enforce a no-gadget or no-work zone when you’re out together. Go to the bar and have some drinks. Live that “main couple character in a movie” type of energy. After spending the whole day together, go to the balcony or by the pool and watch the sunset together. Tell your partner how much you enjoy making memories with them such as this one. It will cost around $55 to $100 for a nice hotel stay. We recommend that you bring a film camera with you to document your date.


Physical Touch: Go bar hopping

Extroverts absolutely love anything that’s bustling with energy. For this date, you and your partner are going to need loads of it. You can start going to bars and drinking as early as 5 PM for happy hour. Take one shot per bar and dance with your partner.

Have fun mingling with others while being touchy with your partner. Trust us, your bae will love you for it! It costs around $8 to $15 for a drink. We recommend that you don’t get drunk too early so you can hop to as many bars as you can!

Words of Affirmation: Book a karaoke room and sing songs that you dedicate to your partner

Look for karaoke rooms around your area. There are karaoke rooms catering for small groups and it costs $15 per person for an hour of stay. For this date, we recommend booking a room for at least 2 hours. This way, you get to spend time with your partner, picking and singing songs that you dedicate to them.

Make sure that the songs you’re going to sing really reflect how you feel. This is a great date idea especially if you’re not that good with saying or writing down how you feel. What better way than to sing your feelings for them right?

Acts of Service: Offer to drive for them and go on a road trip

Go on a road trip with your partner. The route can be carefully planned or just go wherever you feel like going. Roll down the windows and play songs from the early 2000s. This will immediately transport you back to the past and bring out warm and fuzzy feels!

Road trip date idea

Offer to drive for them and sing songs while you’re on the road together. This date will cost you around $5 to $20 for your gas. Some of the songs we recommend for this trip are: “Passenger’s Seat” by Stephen Speaks, “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain, and “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Receiving gifts: Head out to a show: circus or burlesque

Buy circus or burlesque tickets for you and your partner. The place will be bustling with talent and energy so your extroverted partner will truly enjoy this! It’s also perfect especially if your partner loves watching these kinds of shows. First-row ringside tickets cost $45 per person.

Circus date idea

We recommend getting these seats so you can fully see and enjoy watching the show. These shows usually start late in the afternoon to early evening and last about 2 hours. After the show, dine out with your partner, talk about how amazing the show was, and compare which acts you enjoyed the most!

Quality time: Book and attend an art class together

Look for art workshops or classes online. Art centers usually offer workshops and the price will depend on the type of medium you’re going to use for painting. Some of the classes you can attend are watercolor painting for sceneries and portraits, acrylic painting, and drawing. Ask your partner what type of class they’d like to go to.

Painting date idea

It costs around $185 to $395 per person and lasts 2 hours or more depending on the class you will choose. To make this date even more special, you can learn to draw each other or paint something that will remind you of your relationship.