September 28, 2022

How to Plan a Romantic Date Night at Home – Our Ultimate Guide

There are endless things that you can do at home with your bae for date night! In today’s blog, we’ll show you how to plan a romantic date night at home for that special someone!

To pick the perfect date you’ll need to know your partner’s personality type and love language (don’t worry, we provide a thorough explanation of what we mean by this). Simply match these two variables to the date idea as we’ll show below and you’re all set!

If you want to ‘up the ante’ even further, try combining two date ideas into one!

The below table provides a summary of our favorite home date ideas after which we discuss the relevant personality types and Love Languages in detail. Finally, we provide an in-depth review for each date in terms of expected costs and our tips for making it special 🙂 .

Love LanguagePersonality TypeDate Idea
Physical TouchNerds at heartCuddle up on the couch/bed to watch sci-fi movies
Words of AffirmationNerds at heartLearn their favorite game and watch them play it
Acts of ServiceNerds at heartDo a DIY project
GiftsNerds at heartBuy your bae a game for the two of you
Quality TimeNerds at heartBinge-watch Netflix
Physical TouchExtrovertsTune in to an online dance club
Words of AffirmationExtrovertsSign up for an online Trivia Night
Acts of ServiceExtrovertsGive back to your community
GiftsExtrovertsWine tasting double date over FaceTime!
Quality TimeExtrovertsEnroll in a virtual yoga class
Physical TouchRomanticsAromatherapy bath
Words of AffirmationRomanticsHaiku writing date
Acts of ServiceRomanticsClean house for date night
GiftsRomanticsChocolate & flower gifts!
Quality TimeRomanticsWatch classic romantic movies together
Physical TouchFoodiesBake a cake with your partner
Words of AffirmationFoodiesHave a cook-off and see who does it better
Acts of ServiceFoodiesMake your partner’s favorite dinner for them
GiftsFoodiesOrder in from a French fine dining restaurant
Quality TimeFoodiesWatch cooking shows on Netflix
Physical TouchFitness FansPut on some music and slow dance together
Words of AffirmationFitness FansLet your date teach you a sport they love the most
Acts of ServiceFitness FansGive your date a massage after a tiring workout
GiftsFitness FansGym equipment gift!
Quality TimeFitness FansWorkout date!

What is your partner’s personality type?

There’s little point in taking an introverted nerd at heart (like Scott!) to a heavy metal concert or buying ice cream for someone who’s carb conscious. Date ideas need to match the personality and passions of the person you’re dating for it to be romantic (we wrote an in-depth blog on this topic which you can find here).

Our date ideas in this post are categorized by your bae’s personality type (so we’re assuming that you know them reasonably well)! The five personality types we’re focusing on today are:

  • Nerds at heart.
  • Extroverts.
  • Romantics.
  • Foodies.
  • Fitness fans.

It’s quite possible, indeed likely, that your partner will fit into several of these categories. That’s perfectly okay and it just means you’ll have a few more options to choose from.

What is your partner’s Love Language?

To pick the perfect date, you’ll also need to know your partner’s love language. Love Languages represent the means of communicating love to our partner and also how we receive love.

The Five Love Languages are gift-giving, physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, and quality time. Each is discussed by Gary Chapman in his book ‘The Five Love Languages‘.

If you don’t know what your partner’s Love Languages are, click this link to go to the quiz. You can share this with your partner, and find out their results. Once you have your partner’s personality type and love language in mind, it’s easy to select a great date idea from our recommendations in this guide.

If you need more tips on how to make these date ideas even more romantic, see our recent post on romantic gestures for date nights. The blog was obviously written with ‘nights’ in mind but many of these gestures can be applied in other parts of the day 🙂

So with all that, let’s discuss our date ideas in depth!

Date Ideas for Nerds at heart

Physical touch

Cuddle up on the couch/bed to watch sci-fi movies

The Matrix, Star Wars, and ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ are some of the movies and TV series you should have on the list for this geeky date idea. Your partner will love having someone to watch and possibly obsess with over these franchises!

If you already have a Netflix/Disney Plus account, this date is free! If you need movie ideas, Rolling Stone has a great list of 40 that we found useful.

If you want to go the extra mile, how about adding in cosplay? This will definitely set-up the mood and make the both of you feeling more “in the zone”.

Additional tip: complete the whole date night feel with popcorn, finger foods, and drink. We suggest doing this at night and have the fairy lights or night lights set-up.

Words of affirmation

Learn their favorite game and watch them play it

Is your partner much of a gamer? Give them a night off and let them play whilst you watch. Be sure to compliment their ‘l33t skillz’!

Tell them how amazed you are with the way they strategize and play the game overall :). We’d expect this to be another free date idea (given that it’s a game your partner already owns/plays).

Pro tip: Before you play the game, watch them do it first so you have a rough idea of what to do.

Acts of Service

Do a DIY project with them

Does your partner want to try to create something new? Try looking for a DIY project such as a kitchen renovation or home office renovation. Since your partner‘s love language is acts of service, they’ll appreciate the effort you’re putting in to help build something with them.

It can be a long-term project that could last for a few weeks to months or something that you can do within the day (such as fixing something in the garden). We have a female friend who had a gardening second date who helped her plant flowers and she loved it!

After the date, you can set up a hearty pub dinner as a reward!

We did this date idea several times over the course of several weeks – we turned our kitchen from this:

How to Plan a Romantic Date Night at Home

Into this! Yes that’s a real marble countertop – I got it for 50% off!

Renovation date idea

This was admittedly a pricey date (thousands) but we were happy with the outcome!


Buy your bae a game for the two of you to play together – it can be a computer game or board game.

Has bae recently mentioned a game they really want to buy but haven’t yet bought? This is the perfect opportunity for you to buy that game and give it to them as a gift!

Make sure that you take some time to learn the rules and play it with your partner on date night. They will feel twice as happy because you’ve given them something they want and you’re willing to play it with them.

After you’ve figured out how the game works, if you like it, you can schedule a game night every week or twice a month.

You can even invite another couple over to play as well (a double date). Dates don’t just have to be the two of you 🙂 ! 

Quality time

Binge-watch Netflix (Black Mirror, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Lost in Space).

Does your partner love to lounge around while binge-watching Netflix? This Is a pretty easy date to pull off, all you need is a screen (e.g. laptop or iPad) and your partner! For this date, we suggest you keep all distractions away – no taking calls or texts from friends or work (hint hint to Scott!).

Just enjoy some quality time with your bae!

Netflix date idea

If you want to make this a little more romantic, make a pillow fort, dim the lights and light some candles. Go the extra mile by turning the air diffuser on with a lavender scent (or maybe something that’s relaxing for the both of you). 

A movie date night isn’t complete without food and the options for this are endless (plus cheaper). You can prepare simple finger foods, order takeouts, or go all out and serve a full-course homemade meal. Then, take turns in picking which movie or series you should watch. Cuddle with your bae and enjoy your time together!

When we do this date, we buy corn kernels, butter and salt to make our own popcorn.

Occasionally, if we go to the farmer’s markets, we’ll buy a Saucisson (French sausage) and our famous triple entente of double brie, a goat’s cheese and a slice of blue cheese. This notably does cost a bit more!.

If you already have a streaming subscription, this date is 100% free. Snacks are easily under $10 however the cheeses/French saucisson option will easily set you back around $25-$30.

Date Ideas for Extroverts

Physical touch

Tune in to an online dance club and live-stream your moves!

If your partner’s love language is physical touch, we suggest that you look for an online dance club live stream. Your extroverted partner will love an environment where everything feels so alive and energetic!

It’s a fairly new concept, but due to the social limitations that everyone has to follow at the moment, an event like this is easy to find. Esquire did a piece on these types of events not too long ago which we really liked. There are also lots of well-known DJs playing regularly on Twitch – they tend to post dates & times for upcoming sets on their Facebook fan pages and you can follow them for the latest updates.

Dance the night away but make sure that you are being a bit touchy with your partner (with their consent of course). Since their love language is physical touch, they will appreciate you grinding against them while you’re dancing. Really get into the zone by blasting the music & serve drinks so you can really get the vibe off that you are in a nightclub!

Words of affirmation

Sign up for an online Trivia Night

Feeling a little bit competitive? Or maybe you and your partner are really in the mood for a date that is a little challenging? If that’s the case, look for online trivia nights that you can participate in. wrote an article recently on 5 of the best online trivia sites which you can check out here.

We suggest that look for topics which you are both interested in. To make everything more complete, serve some drinks and pub food (chips, wedges, wings are all great options). Once your partner answers something that you don’t know, compliment them to hit those Love Language buttons! 

Online trivia is usually free of charge so this is another winner for your pocketbook!

Acts of Service

Research ways on how you can give back to your community.

Giving your time and energy is a great way to help your community and feel good about yourself. You can even go on a date together whilst giving back! This is a great idea if your partner is passionate about a cause you are advocating for something as a couple. 

One good cause would be for mental health awareness or feeding the homeless. You are not only doing this as an act of service for your date but you are doing it for other people as well. It’s not easy to be selfless especially during these times but if you’re really passionate about it as a couple, this would be a great date idea and the charity will likely have options to keep you safe (masks, gloves, distancing etc).

And of course, this date is completely free!


Wine tasting double date over FaceTime!

Since extroverts love to socialize, our date idea here is to do an at-home wine tasting double date over FaceTime! In the current environment, it’s not always possible to go out wine tasting but there’s nothing to stop you from sipping a few delicious vino’s with your friends online!

Wine date idea

As always, our favorite affordable bottle is Barossa Ink which comes from the Barossa Valley in South Australia (one of the premier wine regions of the world!). A bottle usually costs less than $15 and it’s quality is amazing!

Quality time

Enroll in a virtual yoga class

Almost everything nowadays is available online – and this includes a yoga class. What’s better is that many classes are now free on Eventbrite!!

This is also a great date if your partner’s feeling a bit stressed out/burned out from work, school, or everything that’s happening around them. Take the time together to chill out and be connected with your bodies (plus with each other)!

Date Ideas for Romantics

Physical touch

Aromatherapy bath/shower followed by massages

This date idea is easy. You can order specialized bath scents from any good retailer (such as Lush) and have them delivered to your door in time for date night! We suggest you get the fragrances you know your partner with love (if you’re not sure, a good bet is Lavender – relaxing vibe and good smell).

Bath salts and fragrances will usually cost less than $15 all up.

You can also light up some candles while you’re taking a bath with your bae to make it just a tad more romantic. Afterward, you can offer to give them a massage to relieve all the stresses that they are experiencing.

Scott’s done this date idea for Lisa many times and she absolutely loves it!

Words of affirmation

Haiku writing date

Haiku is an easy and free date idea which romantics will love, particularly if they have a love of Japanese cultural themes.

For example, this is a Haiku by the famous poet Takahama Kyoshi.

The rainbow stands

As if you are here

In a moment.

The first sentence has 3 syllables, the second has 5 and and the third has 3. Easy, huh!?

You don’t have to be a great writer to write a haiku that will touch their heart. Try something along the lines of how much you appreciate them and how much you enjoy spending time with them. The fact that their love language is words of affirmation means that they will surely love reading what you have written for them 🙂 .

Acts of Service

Clean house for date night.

How does Scott prepare for date night? Well…he actually cleans the house! Lisa loves coming back to a crisp and clean home after a tough day of work. Despite his ridiculous schedule, he finds the time and it hit’s her ‘Acts of Service’ Love Language button!

So what then? Well sometimes we’ll just continue with our original date night plans but other times, it’s nice to just cuddle up together for Netflix, wine, smoke shisha on the balcony or really do anything relaxing in our nice clean home!

And best of all, this idea is free!


Give them chocolates, flowers, or anything you know they would appreciate

Does your partner love chocolate? Or maybe they like flowers or other little things that you give? It doesn’t have to be someone’s specialty or your anniversary (Scott often comes home from work with strawberries, blueberries or raspberries for Lisa) – it just has to be thoughtful.

Chocolates date idea

Pay attention to whatever they want or the things they mentioned they need. It can be as little as a tissue holder or coffee cup for work (‘best analyst’, ‘best manager’, ‘best [insert job title]’ works just fine). It’s the thought of you listening to them and paying attention to what they need which is the highlight of this idea (it’ll generally cost less than $10).

Quality time

Watch classic romantic movies together

Nothing can ever go wrong when watching a classic romantic movie with your partner. This is most especially true if they love to watch movies that are tearjerkers.

Rotten tomatoes has a list of rated classic movies that we personally like. We hope that this could give you an idea of what to watch with your be for this day.

Make sure that you also make the atmosphere cozy and warm enough. Cuddle together while you’re watching and enjoy the movie!

Date Ideas for Foodies!

Physical touch

Bake a cake with your partner.

Who says baking a cake is easy (maybe pro bakers)? But even if your partner is not a cooking aficionado, this will be a perfect date for both of you! You can be flirty while mixing the batter, or hug them from behind when they’ve just put the mixture into the oven. 

Cooking date idea

Baking takes about an hour or two to finish, so you’ll have a lot of time on your hands to hug and kiss whilst it’s cooking ;).

After the cake’s done, you can feed your partner your piece of cake and they’ll do the same for you.

Words of affirmation

Have a cook-off and see who does it better.

Foodies often don’t just like to eat food, they also love to cook! So why not bring MasterChef to your home kitchen as a fun date idea? (Minus Gordon Ramsay, sorry mate).

Research and plan on doing something that you both like for dinner. Lisa makes amazing san choi bow, Peking duck (both great sharing ideas) and well just about everything!

Scott makes…well…uh…he tries really hard!.

It can be a simple recipe, or, if you’re up for the challenge, something that will really test your cooking skills.

Pro tip: Try making each other’s favorite dish!

Our favorite Website/Youtube channel for recipe ideas is All recipes here are super easy and there’s many great options for date night.

Acts of Service

Make your partner’s favorite dinner for them

When was the last time you sat down for a homemade romantic candlelit dinner with your partner? Make it a date, turn off your phones and get ready for a fantastic night! You can choose your partner’s go-to favorite foods but we also recommend trying out new cuisines.

If you need a little inspiration, has a ‘staff picks’ section with some recipes we’ve enjoyed a lot! Groceries are best sourced from local farmer’s markets/greengrocers but if you don’t have the time, it’s no problem – a local supermarket will suffice. The cost should be less than $20 however you can obviously spend as much as you like (additions like truffles, caviar or fine wine will push the cost higher).

Set the table like you are in a high-class restaurant. Bring out the scented candles, put some jazz music on (here’s our recommendation for music, perfect French themes) and enjoy the date!


Order in from a French fine dining restaurant

In the world’s current state, many restaurants (even those which offer fine-dining) can’t take dinner guests on-site, so a great way to support these local businesses is to order take-out. We did this a while ago and they even sent a waiter to come set our table, pop the champagne and serve dinner!

French dining date idea

Add class to the atmosphere by putting on some classy music (this youtube playlist is perfect).

Lisa is a Foodie and one of her love languages is Gifts – she was delighted when we did this date, so we know this will work for your partner if they’re the same 🙂 . It is on the pricier end of the spectrum (about $200-$250) but well worth it in our view as a treat!

Quality time

Watch cooking shows on Netflix (MasterChef, The Final Table, Hell’s Kitchen)

There are a lot of cooking shows available on streaming platforms. Just take your pick, cozy up on the couch or bed with your partner, and play some food porn (we personally prefer MasterChef)! You can take note of what dishes they loved and you can try this next time you prepare something for them.

Assuming you are already paying for a streaming subscription, this date idea would cost nothing!

Date Ideas for Fitness fans!

Physical touch

Put on some music and slow dance together.

Organize a playlist that includes both fast and slow songs you know your partner will like. Slip in some of the most memorable songs for you and your partner and see if they can remember why it is so memorable for your relationship. Start with the fast songs before the slower ones. 

Our wedding song is Jason Miraz’s ‘Lucky’ and this is what we slow dance to 🙂 . It’s another date idea which is free!

A fun idea is to dress up for the occasion. Get into the moment with your partner and dance the night away!

Words of affirmation

Let them teach you a sport they love the most.

Take some time off to learn a sport that your partner loves doing the most You can ask your date to teach you how it works.

It can be a simple as cycling or a more complex kind of activity like baseball or tennis. This way, they get to talk to you about something they love doing.

Tell them how amazed you are with how much they know about it, or how passionate they are. Who knows, maybe you’ll like this activity as well?!

Acts of Service

Give them a massage after a tiring workout.

After a tiring workout, offer to give your partner a massage for date night. If your partner loves to work out, this is the perfect way to show them that you love them.

We recommend using coconut oil (which can be bought from any good supermarket) as it doesn’t have that ‘sticky’ feel that most massage oils have as they dry out. You can buy this for less than $10.

Your partner will appreciate you doing this, especially after an exhausting day. You can also offer this more than once a week if they exercise regularly. This way, you show them that you are supportive of what they do and you’re willing to help alleviate their body pains afterwards.


Surprise them with a piece of new gym equipment they’ll use for working out

Surprise your partner with a piece of new gym equipment they’ll use for working out! Pay attention to the things they mentioned they need for their new workouts. Better yet, you can also ask them what else they’d need. 

Do they need new working out clothes or some additions to their weights? You can buy gym equipment for good prices from Amazon or in your local sports shop. Surprise them with it before they are scheduled to work out.

Facebook Marketplace is a great place for second-hand gym equipment – in fact, Scott purchased a whole gym in 2020 for under $1,000 on Marketplace.

Quality time

Workout with them!

If your partner loves to exercise, you can try to work out with them. They will appreciate you spending your time to do something they love 🙂 .

But if you’re not that physically active, you can do low-intensity workouts while they do their own routine. 

These are our suggestions on how to plan a romantic date night at home for that special someone!

Best of luck and we hope you have a fantastic date! 🙂