August 4, 2022

How to Plan a Second Date – Our Ultimate Guide

In today’s blog, we present our ultimate guide on how to plan the perfect second date to delight that special someone!

At, when we suggest date ideas, we usually recommend knowing your partner’s Love Language as this will inform what date idea will make them the happiest. However, on a third date, you may not yet know this about your partner.

No worries, we have a solution for you! Scott has a special formula for these kinds of dates where he divides it into ‘sub-dates’ which focus on 3 broad themes. The idea here is to increase the likelihood that you’ll be doing a date your partner loves!

The themes are:

  • Something fun (ideas here include surfing, laser tag, movie, theatre performance).
  • Something for the tastebuds (restaurant/cafe, street eats or something similar).
  • Something ‘slightly’ romantic.

Note that on this last point, we say ‘slightly’ romantic because it’s only a second date and we don’t want to go overboard here!

We propose 3 sub-dates in today’s blog – one comprising budget ideas, another with our favorite ideas, and finally ‘alternative’ ideas (i.e. less mainstream). Each idea is categorised and summarised in the below table!

Sub-Date TypeDate ThemeDate Idea
Something funBudgetGo bowling with your partner
Something ‘slightly’ romanticBudgetGrab drive-through food and eat at a lookout at sunset
Something for the tastebudsBudgetDo a bonfire and cook s’mores
Something funOur FavoritesGo to an amusement park
Something for the tastebudsOur FavoritesBook a dinner cruise
Something ‘slightly’ romanticOur FavoritesWatch fireworks together
Something funLess Mainstream!Dog walkies!
Something for the tastebudsLess Mainstream!Do a coffee shop crawl
Something ‘slightly’ romanticLess Mainstream!Go to a drive-in movie

Budget second date ideas

Something fun: Go bowling with your partner

Bowling with your partner is the perfect second date. It’s a stress-free and lighthearted option that will give you an opportunity to get to know your partner some more. Look for bowling alleys around your area and book a time for the two of you!

How to Plan a Second Date – Our Ultimate Guide

Before playing, you can challenge your partner, for example, the one who loses buys the other a drink (gents, please buy the drink even if you win! 🙂 )

Bowling costs $5-$10 per person per game so it will be $10-$20 per game for the two of you. Not a bad price to pay for a fun-filled date if you ask us!

For this date, you can surprise your partner by not telling them where you’re going. Just ask them to wear something they will be comfortable in. No one really expects to go bowling for a second date these days so this will be a great surprise! Best to do this date earlier in the day, that way you’ll have time for our next idea!

Something slightly romantic: Grab drive-through food and eat at a lookout at sunset

Around town, there are many great lookout areas where you can park the car and eat whilst enjoying a perfect view. The view could of the ocean, city, mountains or anything that’s picturesque. It’s like there’s an unexplainable thing or rule that makes two individuals even closer, sharing food together whilst enjoying a view that extends for miles and chatting endlessly! This date is perfect for chatterboxes!

lookout date

Lookout ideas can be found on TripAdvisor or you may know some already in your local area – it’s up to you! You’ll be hungry after the bowling so grab something to nibble from a drive-through restaurant on your way.

This date should take place from early evening to late at night as the sunsets (perfect ambiance). This cost for this date can range from $10 to $40.

Something for the tastebuds: Do a bonfire and cook s’mores

Do you want to have a date with your partner that’s kind of reminiscent of your childhood? This date is the perfect follow up to your dinner at the lookout. You can set up a bonfire by the beach, your apartment’s roof deck, or in your backyard (assuming these are all legally permitted in your area)! Bring beers or share a bottle of vino while you’re at it too!

smores date

This date is the perfect set-up to have deep conversations with your partner. You can also share your fondest childhood memories and have them do the same. It’s best to do this date late at night until early dawn. This way, you can also stargaze with your partner and just take in how perfect the moment is. 

Marshmallows cost about $10 for a 200-gram pack and you can find everything you’ll need to do a bonfire at home (another $10 or so). To make this date special, consult your local department of meteorology to find out what time the moon and planets will be in the sky.

Favorite second date ideas

Something fun: Go to an amusement park

Every couple has had at least one date at an amusement park! We also believe that it’s a great second date idea because it’s such a fun-filled environment to be in. There’s definitely less pressure in filling out any possible awkward silences and you can also dress up casually! For this date, you can simply enjoy going on rides with your partner. You and your partner can alternate choosing the rides. If the queues for the rides are long (which is the usual case in amusement parks), you can take this opportunity to chat with them.

amusement park date

Single-day passes costs around $30 to $75 per person depending on which amusement or theme park you’re going to go to. Food and drinks in amusement parks also cost much more so it’s safe to set aside at least $50 for it. To make this date even more special, you can try playing some carnival games and really try your best to win a prize for them (we have a whole cupboard of toys that Scott has won for Lisa). It’s a perfect souvenir to keep from this date!

Something for the tastebuds: Book a dinner cruise

Dinner dates are always a great way to spend time with your partner. But you can take this experience up a notch by booking a dinner cruise. Look for any dinner cruises available around your area (TripAdvisor & Viator have listings from many operators). You have the option to choose which time slot you prefer and for how long the dinner will last. 

During your date, make sure to take pictures of yourselves with the view! It’s not every day that you get to go on a dinner cruise with your partner so it’s best to make the most out of it. Talk to your partner over dinner and ask them questions about themselves. Just think of anything that will let you get to know them some more.

Sunset dinner cruise costs $99 and the standard dinner one costs $160. For this price, you get to enjoy at least a 3-course meal with live music and window seating. To make this date special, we recommend booking the 5:30 PM sunset dinner so you get to enjoy the view of seeing the sunset with your partner. You can also choose the standard 7 PM one for a more formal “dinner” experience. 

Something slightly romantic: Watch fireworks together

Watching fireworks with your partner is one of those dates that seem like it’s a movie scene. The thrill of it all makes it one of the best second date options that you can do!

fireworks date

Information on local fireworks displays can be found on Google Events, Facebook Events or even local government event information pages. Fireworks are normally paid for by private companies or local governments and as such, they’re completely free! The show will likely only go for 10 minutes or so.

When the fireworks are popping, this is the perfect time for a picture or a sneaky video together. Or perhaps it’s time for the first kiss? (We’ve written a whole blog on how to do this, you can find it right here!)

Alternative second date ideas

Something fun: Walk your dogs

Walking dogs for a second date is very underrated but we definitely think that it’s one of the best ones out there! This date is perfect if your partner has a dog and would love to take them out. Almost every dog owner out there loves their pet so what better way to get to know someone by walking your dogs together?

dog walk date

You can pick your date and their dog from their place or agree to meet up at a certain location. From there, you can take them to a nearby park and just talk more about life or pets. It’s definitely a stress-free date as you’re both basically doing two things at once. The dogs will love you for it! The best thing about this date? You can always ask them for another dog-walking date too and we highly doubt that they’re going to turn you down.

This date won’t cost anything although you might want to reserve some energy as this date can get pretty tiring. But we also recommend that you get a snack while your dogs are playing! 

Something for the tastebuds: Do a coffee shop crawl

Food crawls are overrated, do a coffee shop crawl instead! This date is perfect especially if your partner absolutely loves coffee or pastries. For this date, you get to go to a coffee shop with your partner, offer coffee or pastries and just talk for the remainder of your date. However, you should limit buying one item each per store since this, after all, is a shop crawl. The challenge here is to go through as many coffee shops as you can.

coffee date

We recommend doing this early in the morning so it’s really the best time for coffee up until lunchtime, but you definitely can extend and have the date the whole day. This date costs around $50 each but the price will greatly depend on how many coffee shops you’re going to go to.

Something slightly romantic: Go to a drive-in movie

Watching the movies at the cinema or Netflix and chilling at home is so 2020! Hence, we suggest that you go to a drive-in movie for an alternative second date. This date is most suited if your partner loves to watch movies but also wants to try out something new. You can always watch a movie together on Netflix but it’s not every day that you can go and watch a movie in a drive-in.

drive in movie date

For this date, pick them up with your car (or vice versa for whoever has the car). Go to the drive-in location and park your car. It costs $35 for a car with two people on it. Some drive-ins also offer food so you can get the food from there. Drive-in movies are usually held late at night for better viewing. Don’t forget that this gives off a romantic vibe too!

To make this date even more special, it will be absolutely lovely and sweet to set up a fort at the back of your car with fluffy pillows and blankets. You and your partner can watch the movie from there so you’re also seated comfortably.

Second dates are a memorable time for you and your partner – if the two of you end up in a relationship, you’ll be looking back on these memories for years! T key to having a good date is to relax and have fun! The dates that we have outlined above are all fun and won’t put much pressure on the both of you! Make the most out of the time you spend together and everything else will follow!