August 4, 2022

How to Plan a Third Date – Our Ultimate Guide

In today’s blog, we present our ultimate guide on how to plan the perfect third date to wow your partner!

At, when we suggest date ideas, we usually recommend knowing your partner’s Love Language as this will inform what date idea will make them the happiest. However, on a third date, you may not yet know this about your partner.

Never fear! We have a solution for you! Scott has a special formula for these kinds of dates where he divides it into ‘sub-dates’ which focus on 3 broad themes. This increases the probability of doing an activity your date will love but also allows you to find out what dates for the future might not be suitable.

The themes are:

  • Something fun: Ideas here include surfing, laser tag, movie, theatre performance.
  • Something for the taste-buds (restaurant/cafe, street eats, or something similar).
  • Something romantic: Examples here include a walk along the beach in the evening, watching fireworks together, or something similar. 

In today’s blog, we propose 3 sets of ‘sub-dates’ – one comprised of budget ‘sub-date’ ideas, another with our favorite ideas, and finally a set of ‘alternative’ ideas (i.e. less mainstream).

Budget Third Date Ideas

Something Fun: Host a game night at your place

Do you have some board games lying around your home? You might have some Snakes and Ladders, Uno, Scrabble, or Monopoly at your place. These games may be old but they are certainly “goodies” and make for a chilled night of retro fun!

This date is perfect if your partner loves to play games or they’re the competitive type and are up for a challenge. If you already have the board games at home, this date has no cost. However, if you don’t have them yet, you can purchase them online or at a local store at around $5 to $20 each depending on the game.

To make things even more special, you can set a truth/dare if any of you loses. You can use this opportunity to ask more intimate questions about them and they can do the same to you too. Basically, it’s more of “get to know you” kind of date rather than a formal date. But that’s the good thing about it! You both won’t feel pressured in showing your likable side, rather you’d just have to be more genuine about who you really are.

Something for the taste-buds: Go ‘street food stall’-hopping

Street food stalls are pretty underrated but they offer delicious food at great prices! Lisa and Scott have done this date many times in their hometown of Sydney as well as also overseas (Paris, Barcelona, Phuket etc etc).

When you are on your third date, it’s likely that you won’t know which cuisines your partner likes/dislikes. Hence, going for street food is a great way to get to know their palate whilst doing something fun 🙂 You can try picking something for your partner and they will do the same for you. Rate the food together and then try something else! This date is perfect for foodies!

We recommend doing this late in the afternoon to early evening. It gives off that more romantic vibe like a scene taken off from a rom-com movie. 

This date will cost you about $10 to $50 depending on how hungry you both are!

Something slightly romantic: Have a picnic on your apartment’s roof deck and stargaze with your partner

If you live in the city, you’d know how hard it is to find green picnic places. But who says picnics should just be made on the grass? You can set up a picnic date too even if you live in an apartment with a roof deck. Set up a small space, place a picnic blanket, and bring all the food you need for this date. We also recommend bringing a small speaker so you can blast some romantic jazz music there for that added romantic vibe.

We recommend doing this date from early evening to late at night – particularly if your roof deck has a view of the sunset. This date costs about $20 to $50 depending on the food you’re going to get – e.g. you could do brie, crackers and a bottle of reisling at the lower end of the range or a brie, blue & goats cheese, proscuitto, crackers, chocolate and a tempranillo at the higher end.

If you want to go the extra mile and really make this date memorable, bring some rugs, pillows and cuddle up together whilst watching the sunset. Then wait until the stars come out and enjoy the heavens together. It can never get anywhere perfect more than this!

Our Favorite Third Date Ideas

Something fun: Go for a beach trip and windsurf with your partner

Beach dates are fun & safe bet so this is our suggestion :).

There will likely be a lot of people at the beach so it’s nothing too intimate but you’ll still get to have that physical bond with your date.  This date is perfect if your partner is a fitness fanatic or they just simply love to go to the beach and swim!

Windsurfing is a great way to make the date more fun and you can book in lessons if you haven’t tried it before. Enjoy the moment and have fun windsurfing (or possibly even tumbling) together!

For this date, we recommend going to the beach in the early afternoon and stay late enough to watch the sunset. Windsurfing lessons cost about $100. Windsurfing equipment rentals usually cost between $30 to $50 depending on the duration/how popular the beach is.

Something for the taste-buds: Have dinner at a fine dining restaurant

Nothing says “class” better than having dinner at a well-known fine dining restaurant. This date is great for foodies & romantics who appreciate the finer things in life :).

One of the best indicators of restaurant quality is the Michelin star. What makes dining at Michelin star restaurants so special is that it’s not just about the food, it’s also about the service and perfection of the entire experience.

Few restaurants are awarded Michelin stars and even fewer receive the ultimate rating of ‘3 Michelin stars’. Indeed, in 2020, only 14 restaurants held such a title (in the entire country!).

Michelin published the locations of their awarded restaurants (can be found at this link). You’ll need to book well in advance as reservations are limited and the waitlist is always long. On the menu, al le carte is usually available however we prefer a degustation complimented with a wine pairing.

Now be ready for the cost…..when Scott took Lisa to a restaurant with just 2 Michelin stars a few years ago, it cost $1,000 (admittedly it came with a bottle of dom Perignon ’06 which wasn’t cheap either!). A 3-star Michelin star may charge more.

Something slightly romantic: Take a long walk at the beach and watch the sunset together

Who doesn’t love the beach and sunset combination? We absolutely love this date idea that we just had to include it on this list. This date is perfect especially if your partner loves the beach!

You can spend the day together and go on a road trip to the beach. Then at about 4 to 5 in the afternoon, take a long walk together. Appreciate how beautiful the view is and tell your partner how lucky you are to be spending the time with them. Watch the sunset together and just take at the moment. This date will cost about $20 for the gas but if you live near the beach then it won’t be much of a problem.

To make things even more special, we suggest that you take Instagram-worthy pictures on the beach while enjoying the sunset and post them on your social media pages (but only if you’re both ready!). 

Alternative Third Date Ideas

Something fun: Go to an arcade with your partner and play games

Playing arcade with your partner is one of the best date ideas you can do. This date is perfect if your partner loves to play games (a nerd at heart!) or they’re just competitive and are up for some fun. You can go to a local arcade store, purchase as many coins as you’d like, and play against each other. We recommend playing Tekken or the OG arcade games like Pinball, Space Invaders, or Pac-Man. Tally the scores and see who wins the most games. The loser can treat the winner to ice-cream afterwards :).

This date will cost about $20 to $40 depending on how many coins you’re going to purchase. We recommend having this kind of date late in the afternoon to early evening just before dinner. To make this date even memorable, we recommend that you go to one of those photo booths and have your pictures printed. This way, you get a souvenir of the date!

Something for the tastebuds: Meet for breakfast

Breakfast is pretty underrated! Lisa loves to be taken out for breakfast on a date day and shouted all the yummy foods (smoked salmon & smashed avo makes her smile!). Of course, this date is great for foodies or even those who are early-risers (unlike Scott who prefers to sleep in!).

Agree on what time you’re going to meet up with our partner from the night before (set your alarm to go off loudly so you don’t miss it). Choose a local breakfast place and order pancakes (with ice-cream & Nutella), toast, and coffee for those with a sweet-tooth, bacon & eggs and an espresso for protein lovers or smashed avo with a soy piccolo/green tea for those who look after themselves :).

This date will cost about $30 to $40 and will last around an hour.

Something slightly romantic: Go ice-skating

There are so many romantic ice-skating scenes in movies so why don’t you do this with your partner as a date, too? This date is perfect especially if your partner loves to get physical for a date (fitness fan) or they enjoy ice skating.

For this date, look up online which skating areas are available around your area. You can also see on their websites if they offer skate hire with their entry prices. Book your skating session and go with your partner on the said date. If your partner is stumbling on the ice/still trying to find their balance, make sure that you’re there to lend them a helping hand (and by “chance” you’ll now be holding their hand 😉 ).

After the skating session, you can go for a quick lunch or dinner afterwards and talk about how much fun you’ve had together.

This date will last about an hour or two depending on the package you and your partner want to get. It costs about $10 for a one-hour skating session per person. To make things even memorable, you can recreate the scene in Serendipity wherein Jonathan and Sara just laugh around, stumble, and lay there on the skating rink (but do this only if it’s safe!). 

That about wraps it up! We hope you have some ideas for your third date with that special someone :).

If you’re already thinking about a fourth date, we have some ideas for you! See our blog ‘How to Plan a Full Day Date – Our Ultimate Guide‘ for more.