August 4, 2022

How to Plan a Virtual Date – Our Ultimate Guide

If bae isn’t nearby, date night doesn’t need to be cancelled! In today’s blog, we’ll show you how to plan a virtual date.

To pick the perfect date you’ll need to know your partner’s personality type and love language. Simply match these variables to the date idea as we’ll show below and you’re all set!

If you want to ‘up the ante’ even further, try combining two date ideas into one!

Our virtual date ideas are summarised in the below table after which we discuss in detail the relevant personality types and Love Languages. An in-depth description of each date idea consisting of our tips for making the event special and budget is also provided.

Love LanguagePersonality TypeDate Idea
GiftsNerds at heartOnline course
Physical TouchNerds at heartWatch Netflix and chill
Words of AffirmationNerds at heartTrivia night
Acts of ServiceNerds at heartRead a book out loud to each other
Quality TimeNerds at heartCosmic compatibility test
GiftsExtrovertsBuy tickets for a live online performance
Physical TouchExtrovertsLearn a Tiktok dance together
Words of AffirmationExtrovertsPlay ‘How well do you know me?’
Acts of ServiceExtrovertsMake a playlist for them and do a dance party
Quality TimeExtrovertsPlay multiplayer games together
GiftsRomanticsMake a photo slideshow
Physical TouchRomanticsFall asleep together whilst chatting
Words of AffirmationRomanticsWrite short stories together
Acts of ServiceRomanticsBuild an “Ideal date” board together on Pinterest
Quality TimeRomanticsAttend an online exhibit or virtual tour
GiftsFoodiesOrder food delivery online for each other
Physical TouchFoodiesMake a meal together
Words of AffirmationFoodiesTry each other’s favorite food
Acts of ServiceFoodiesOrganize a virtual happy hour
Quality TimeFoodiesLearn how to mix drinks together
GiftsFitness FansTea after a workout!
Physical TouchFitness FansAttend virtual fitness workouts
Words of AffirmationFitness FansFinish a 30-day workout together
Acts of ServiceFitness FansMake a workout plan for each other and do it together
Quality TimeFitness FansTake a long walk on a virtual beach

What is your partner’s personality type?

There’s little point in taking an extroverted bundle of energy to a library for a date or buying tickets to a Monster Truck rally for an environmentalist! When coming up with date ideas, it’s important to match them to the personality and love language of the person you’re dating for it to be romantic! We wrote an in-depth blog on this topic which you can find here.

The date ideas in this blog are ordered by your date’s personality type and love language, so we’re going to assume that you know them quite well!

The five personality types discussed today are:

  • Nerds at heart.
  • Extroverts.
  • Romantics.
  • Foodies.
  • Fitness fans.

It’s probable that you might think of your date as fitting into more than one of these personalities (for example, Scott is most definitely a ‘Nerd at Heart’ but also a ‘Fitness fan’). This just gives you more choices to pick from!

What is your partner’s Love Language?

Our date ideas also require you to know your dates love language. Love Languages are forms of communication which express our love for our date as well as how we want to be shown love.

The Five Love Languages consist of quality time, acts of service, gift-giving, words of affirmation and physical touch and are discussed in depth in the book ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman.

If you’re not sure what your Love Languages are, you can find out via Gary’s quiz (click this link to go to the quiz). You can share this with your partner, and find out their results and pick the perfect date to match their Love Language!

Without further ado, let’s discuss our date ideas in depth!

Date Ideas for Nerds at heart

Gifts date idea: Buy a short online course you can take together

This date is perfect especially if your partner loves to learn something new or master a particular subject. The number of various online courses you can both take is endless. Is your partner interested in learning about forensic cases? Star Wars? Building a business? There are a lot of websites offering these courses. 

We recommend checking out which has various courses ranging from beginners to experts taught by experts from world-leading universities and organizations. Some courses are free too – but most will cost around $100 per month per student (based on the data analysis/coding courses which Scott bought last year).

Physical touch date idea: Watch Netflix and chill

Web browser extensions such as Netflix Party, Showgoers, and Uptime now make it possible for you to watch Netflix with your bae even if you are miles apart. Both you and your partner can install the extensions on Google Chrome at this link.

Once you’ve selected a movie, a link will be generated from your end so you can send it over to your partner. 

how to plan a virtual date

From there, the movie will start simultaneously on both of your ends. You can also get into a FaceTime call if you really want to feel like you’re watching with them!

This date idea is free (assuming you already have a subscription, if not, the cost is approximately $10-$15).

Words of affirmation date idea: Host a trivia night for you and your partner

Does your partner love to geek out and answer trivia? Or maybe they are just knowledgeable about everything? if that’s the case, then your partner will absolutely love going to a virtual game night with you. You can set up your own trivia night or use a website like (absolutely free!).

You can make it a game night between you two or invite other couple friends of yours for a virtual “double date” for twice the fun! Make sure to compliment your partner after they’ve correctly answered questions, especially those hard ones or what seemed to be impossible for you to answer. Trust us – they will love to hear you complimenting them!

Acts of service date idea: Read a book out loud to each other

Is there a certain book that your partner really loves to read? Or maybe there’s a book that they’ve been wanting to read but don’t really have the time to do so. With this in mind, we recommend taking some time off of your busy day, FaceTime with your partner and read a book out loud to each other. You won’t be limited to reading a book – you can also read screenplays and other materials you’re going to both enjoy!

book date idea

Quality time date idea: Take a cosmic compatibility test together and discuss your results

Are you curious about how compatible you and your partner are in terms of astrology? It doesn’t matter if you or your partner is a believer in astrology or not. Testing compatibility, in our own opinion, is always fun. You can try out Ganesha Speak’s or’s compatibility tests (for free!).

If you want a more “accurate” reading, download the Costar app on both of your phones. You’ll be asked to put your birth date, time, and place so you have a complete and more thorough reading based on how the stars are aligned during your birth. Your partner will be asked to input this information, too. After completing everything, the app will show you how compatible your zodiac signs are based on your sun, moon, and other signs. Discuss your results and see if you two match!

Date Ideas for Extroverts

Gifts date idea: Buy tickets for a live online performance and watch it together

Extroverts like dates loud and bursting in energy! Concerts are one way to get these vibes but it’s also possible to get hyped up even if it’s just virtual.

Buy a ticket or online pass (Google Events has the links) to your partner’s favorite band or artist and go to the virtual date together. Dress up like how you would both go to a physical live concert so you’d both feel like it’s the real thing!

Many of these events are free (for example, those available on-demand at the famed Sydney Opera house). Paid tickets will usually cost about $20-$30 per person for other venues.

show date idea

Physical touch date idea: Learn a TikTok dance together and post it on all your social media accounts

TikTok took over the quarantined world like crazy and dance trends are in vogue! It’s a great idea to learn a TikTok dance together and shoot it. After you’re both done, you can edit these two videos you’ve shot individually to make it as one.

It’s a great alternative to feeling like you’re dancing with your partner even if you’re not physically together!

tiktok date idea

Additional tip: post them on your TikTok or other social media accounts. Who knows, it might blow up and go viral!

This date idea is free!

Words of affirmation date idea: Play ‘How well do you know me?’

A great game for a virtual date is ‘How well do you know me?’. The game is…pretty much how it sounds. Each of you answers a set of questions about the other person and whoever guesses the most right wins.

This game is now in the Apple Play store (see here for the link) and can be downloaded for free! They’ve recently put through an update that includes more ‘couple’ type questions – check it out!

Acts of service date idea: Make a playlist for them and do a dance party

Make a playlist of your partner’s favorite songs on Spotify or Apple Music. Make sure to include both fast and slow songs. Send them the link to the playlist and FaceTime each other. Play the same song simultaneously and do a dance party.

We suggest that you do a complete dance floor set-up with the booming sounds and dim lights so you’d really feel like you’re in it together!

This is another free date idea!

Quality time date idea: Play multiplayer games together

There are a lot of multiplayer games you and your partner can play. You can play games using your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or gaming console.

But if you don’t have all the sophisticated gear for gaming, we suggest playing a mobile multiplayer game instead. Words with Friends & Tic Tac Toe are timeless, fun and great for a free virtual date!

Date Ideas for Romantics

Gifts date idea: Make a photo slideshow and watch it together

Do you want your partner to feel a little bit nostalgic and sappy for your date? We’ve just got the perfect (and free) idea for it. Make a slideshow of your pictures together. Include photos from all the way when you’ve just started dating.

Put them all together using video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Send them the file but watch it together while you’re on a video call. 

Additional tip: include your theme song or most memorable songs that speak about your relationship :).

Physical touch date idea: Fall asleep together whilst chatting through Face-time

Going to bed and watching each other sleep is always an intimate moment between you and your bae. But just because you’re far away from each other doesn’t mean you can’t share this moment! Before going to bed, hop on a call on FaceTime and chat until you both fall asleep.

You might be apart but it doesn’t mean that you can’t sleep together and this kind of date makes it all possible. This date idea is free 🙂 .

facetime date idea

Words of affirmation date idea: Write  a short story on how you met based on each other’s point of view and read it afterward

A fun& free virtual date idea is to recount how you and your partner met but it’s more interesting to see it from each other’s perspectives. For this date, write down your version of events of how you first met or how did your first date go. Ask your partner to do the same.

It’s better if the story is more detailed. Hop on a video call after writing. Read it to your partner afterward and listen to their version too! This date will make you hop on memory lane in no time!

Acts of service date idea: Build an “Ideal date” board together on Pinterest

Although you can’t physically date your bae, you can use this time apart to plan for your ideal perfect date. You can build a collaborative board on Pinterest and share them with your partner.

You can also put on some initial date ideas if you’ve already looked it up and just see what your partner will add. Think of it as your “dates someday” bank or ‘bucket’ list to fulfill when you are already together. Whilst your future dates may come with a cost, this date idea is free :).

Quality time date idea: Attend an online exhibit or virtual tour

Have you ever always wanted to visit a museum but you’d have to travel across the world just to do so? Now is the perfect time to do this with your partner!

You and your partner can visit the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., Musée d’Orsay in Paris, and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin all in one sitting with Google Arts & Culture. It’s now possible for you to do museum-hopping easily )and at no cost)! Hop on a video call with your partner before going through the tour together.

Date Ideas for Foodies

Gifts date idea: Order food delivery online for each other

You might not be able to go on a proper dinner or lunch date with your partner but you can order food for each other and eat together. Technically, it’s still a date, you will just have to do everything virtually.

You and your partner can order from the same restaurant so you’d feel more together in such a way, or you could take the liberty to order their favorites and vice versa. After receiving the food, hop on a video call and eat together!

A delivered meal will cost around $20 each.

food date idea

Physical touch date idea: Make a meal together

Look for a recipe for a dish that your partner’s been wanting to try to cook. Send the recipe to your partner. You can buy the ingredients together in your respective local shops.

After getting all that you need, hop on the call together and start prepping the food you’re going to cook. Follow the instructions and start making the food together. After everything’s done, prep the table for your virtual dinner date!

Need some recipe ideas? Sliiiide over to (our favorite recipe idea website!). A home-cooked ‘date night’ type meal should cost about $10-$15 each.

Words of affirmation date idea: Try each other’s favorite food

Let your partner know what food’s on your favorites list that they should try and ask them what they’d want you to try as well. Hop on a video call and eat with them.

This date will be so much better if they will let you try something you’ve never eaten before. After trying it out and you genuinely liked it, compliment their sense of taste and talk about how you didn’t expect the food to taste that good!

This date idea would normally cost around $10-$15 per person.

Acts of service date idea: Organize a virtual happy hour

Buy a bottle of vino and ask your partner to do the same. Set a date and time for a virtual happy hour!

You can do this on Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime, or any video conferencing platforms you’re both most comfortable in using.

During the call, drink with your work partner and play some games such as Skribbl, GeoGuessr, and Scattegories!

A good bottle of vino will cost around $15-$20.

Quality time date idea: Learn how to mix drinks together

For this date, you can look for Youtube videos for mixing or enroll in a bartending class with your bae. A bartending class we recommend is from the European Bartender School which can be done online (the cost is $36 per student).

Take the class or watch the tutorial videos together. After learning the basics of mixing, you can now go ahead and try mixing your own drinks together.

Drink your mixes together over Facetime and enjoy!

cocktails date idea

Date Ideas for Fitness Fans

Gifts date idea: Send each other new teas to try and meditate together after a workout

Ask your bae to look for teas you haven’t tried and you do the same for them. After working out, try out the teas you’ve sent each other.

We suggest trying out passionflower tea, green tea, and Oolong tea. These teas make great post-workout drinks and can instantly aid in you and your partner’s hydration after a sweaty workout session!

Tea is inexpensive and will usually go for less than $5 for a small box.

Pro Tip: Try Scott’s honey lemon tea special! Put in 2 spoonful’s of honey, half a squeezed lemon (plus the juice) and two English breakfast tea bags into a 1 Liter teapot of hot water. Stir until it’s golden and serve!

Physical touch date idea: Attend virtual fitness workouts

There are a lot of websites offering virtual fitness workouts. Some of them are paid (subscription cost of $10-$20 per month) and some are for free.

We recommend that you check out Nike Training Club. Workout videos are also available on YouTube and there are some content creators who host live workout events (a list can be found here from which you can pick your favorite workout routine).

Simply pick one between you that sounds fun and enjoy!

workout date idea

Words of affirmation date idea: Finish a 30-day workout together

If you’re not much into working out but your partner is, we recommend you do a 30-day workout together. It’s an everyday kind of date!

You can try different workout challenges available online. Thrillist’s 30-day fitness challenge is one thing you can do with them. Workout challenges are also a great way for you to bond with your partner and get committed to working out as well! 

Additional tip: before starting day 1 of the workout, you and your partner should take a full body pic, weigh-in, and stats. Do it again after completing the workout. You’d see how different you are now than 30 days ago. Make sure to compliment your partner with their progress as it will really hit this Love Language button!

Acts of service date idea: Make a workout plan for each other and do it together

If your partner is into working out and would like to try new workouts, you can volunteer to create a workout plan for them. Ask them what specific muscle groups they like to target and how long they want the workout to be.

Research on how you can make an effective workout plan and customize it according to how your partner likes their workouts ( has a long list of ideas for you to try).

Additional tip: Go the extra mile and do the workout with your bae!

This date idea is completely free!

Quality time date idea: Take a long walk on a virtual beach

Do you miss going on long walks on the beach with your partner? You can do just this even if it’s virtual with them for free. Go to Google Earth’s website and under Local Guides, choose Global Beaches (here’s the link).

The system will give you a random beach and you can start exploring this with your partner while you’re on a Zoom call. The resolutions are of very high quality and you can definitely see how clear the waters are, and the fineness of the beach. Scroll through together as if you’re ‘virtually’ walking on the beach!


You and your partner’s distance shouldn’t be a hindrance to your relationship. We hope that this list of virtual date ideas gives you a clue on how you can plan a date night with your bae, even if they are miles apart!

Interested in how to make a date ideas more romantic? Click here for our blog post on romantic gestures for date nights. The blog was written with ‘nights’ in mind but we can apply many of these gestures to other parts of the day 🙂