September 30, 2022

Our Top 10 Date Ideas for Friends with Benefits

More than friends but less than lovers ❤️? It’s completely understandable to not know exactly what you are with your partner but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out on a date with them. So today’s blog is about date ideas for friends with benefits!

Here’s to not knowing if you’re falling for them, wanting to be in a relationship with them, or staying as friends!

Here’s Our Top 10 Ideas for Friends with Benefits!

Date IdeaTime of DayBest suited toApprox. BudgetDuration (hours)
Restaurant hop, eating each course of your dinner at a different spot 🥗NightFoodies!$1502-3
Play ‘Truth or Dare’ / Play ‘Never have I ever’Day/NightNerds at HeartFree!1-2
Take a couples class to learn tantric massageDay/NightSpiritual Souls$500 per dayYou decide!
Visit local ‘honeycomb’ bars and see how many you can make it through!NightFoodies!$1002-3
Burlesque showNightAdventure Lovers!$1401-2
Line up shots and write memes and naughty jokesNightIntroverts$1001-2
Try Jam Doughnuts or Rusty NailsNightLiquor connoisseur$601-2
Pub trivia with a bottle of red wineNightNerds at Heart$501-2
Go to a shisha barDay/NightExplorers$501-2
Pole-dancing classDay/NightExtroverts$3601 per class

1. 🥗 Restaurant hop, eating each course of your dinner at a different spot 🥗

Eating a whole course 🍽 in one restaurant is romantic, yes but it can be borderline boring for some couples too. Since you’re an unconventional “couple” given your dating status, why not add some spice to this conventional kind of date instead?

Date Ideas for Friends with Benefits

Tasting Notes

  • Go restaurant 🍝 hopping. Eat each course of your dinner at a different place. Through this you won’t just be limited to choosing from one menu – you’ll both get to choose from a wide range of menus instead!
  • This date’s perfect if your partner is a foodie 🍱. They’ll definitely appreciate having many options to choose from.
  • You don’t have to spend 💲 much on this date. It can cost about $10-$100 depending on what type of restaurant you’d choose. There are really no rules on this. Just make sure that you both have fun trying out new food!


  • You can do this in two ways – plan everything down until the smallest detail or go restaurant 🌭 hopping spontaneously. You can choose to map out which restaurants you’d go to and for what course of the dinner you’d eat from there or just have fun trying to look out what will be your next target.
  • TripAdvisor is a great website for searching for local highly rated restaurants (link here)
  • Dress fancy 👗 or just casual 👚! It depends on where you’re booking (as always with restaurants).
  • Eat until your hearts 🥰 are both contented. Dial-up the thrill more by ordering a bottle of Ruinart Champagne (only $80 a bottle, Lisa’s favorite!).

2. Play ‘Truth or Dare’ / Play ‘Never have I ever’

Feeling a little bit risky? Want to ask your “friend” some questions but don’t have the heart ♥️ to bring them up in a normal conversation? This date is absolutely MADE for you!

Tasting Notes

  • We know there are a couple of questions you’d want to ask ❓ your friend. But what’s stopping you is the fear of knowing what their answer will be or just don’t have enough courage to do so.
  • This date is perfect if you’re partner is more of the chatty 👄 or shy type. It will work whichever their personality may be.
  • This date doesn’t cost anything. Well, just some guts, confidence, and maybe some integrity? But it will be fun!


  • Settle on which game 👾 you’re going to do. If you want a lighthearted but deep talk with your partner, we recommend playing ‘never have I ever’. On the other hand, if you want (and prepared for) heated 🔥 truth and daring dares, ‘truth or dare’ will do.
  • It’s understandable if you get nervous 😬 while playing these games so we suggest that you think of any questions or dares beforehand. 
  • Use this game to your advantage. Ask them questions you never thought you could ask them in normal situations. If you want, you can also answer as truthful as possible and it can possibly lead you to know what your “relationship” would be.

3. Take a couples class to learn tantric massage

Want to spice things up a little bit when you’re in bed? Massage 💆‍♀️, particularly tantric massage, is one way for you to achieve this.

Massage date idea

Tasting Notes

  • Tantric massage, also popularly known as tantra massage, might be something you’ve never heard before. But it’s a type of erotic massage 💆‍♂️ that focuses on the spirit as much as the body and the flow of energies.
  • This kind of activity is most suited if your partner loves to have some physical 🤗 interactions with you (which if you’re FWB is probably right 😉 )
  • You’d need to shell out a couple of bucks 💵 for this date. A 2-3-day course costs $1800 🤑 with one-day courses at around $500. There are many online courses (with live instructors) going for less than $100 on eventbrite. It’s pricey but we can assure you that it will be worth it since you’re learning a skill that not everyone knows how to do.


  • Book a couples 💕 class.
  • Attend the class and listen 👂 to everything intently.
  • Apply what you’ve learned with each other. See how your experience in bed 🛌 will change after a good tantra massage 💆 from your partner.

4. Visit local ‘honeycomb’ bars and see how many you can make it through!

Going to well-spaced bars 🍸 are a thing of the past! Why don’t you and your friend try checking out honeycomb bars instead?

Cocktails date idea

Tasting Notes

  • Honeycomb 🐝 bars, also called beehive bars, are like a tonne of bars crammed into a block of buildings. Each has about 5 seats 💺 so they’re very small, but you get special attention from the bartender.
  • This type of date is perfect for “foodie” partners.
  • Food and drinks in honeycomb bars will cost you just like that of a typical bar. We paid around $10 per round of drinks which includes some free nibbles.


  • Search the internet 💻 and look if there are any honeycomb bars available in your area. Make it a date with your partner.
  • We recommend dressing up nicely 👔 for this (we did and got extra special attention). It’s an adventure that you’re both embarking yourselves on.
  • The place can get VERY crowded so make sure that you’re both ready to get really close with each other and other people as well. Order food and drinks 🍺 just as you normally would. Have fun being close to each other! 
  • We wish we could tell you more about the night when we did this but….we got so drunk we barely remember how we got home!

5. Burlesque

This is another activity we recommend you to do with your partner if you’re feeling deeper in the zone and more in touch with your erotic side. Don’t worry – no one’s judging. Just pure fun and steam 🧖‍♂️ with your FWB.

Burlesque date idea

Tasting Notes

  • Burlesque 💃 is more than just dancing provocatively. It’s more about mocking 😂 how they move.
  • This date fits someone who’s funny 😆 and a good sport when they’re being laughed at. When we did this, Scott got asked to come up onstage and MC for the rest of the night (Scott: And I did a smashing job of it too!).
  • Burlesque shows cost around $50 per person for entry. Often your entry will come with 2 free drinks.


  • If you type in ‘Burlesque show in [your location]’, you should be able to find one along with information on how to get tickets.
  • This is the type of event you’ll need to dress up 👔 for – suit or tuxedo for the gents and cocktail dresses for the ladies.

6. Line up shots and write memes and naughty jokes

Drinking shots 🍷 can ruin all of the things you can imagine – but that’s where the fun of it all lies.

Tasting Notes

  • The truth and laughter 🤣 are immeasurable with drinking shots. You get to spit out whatever you’re really thinking at that moment. At the same time, you can also expect the same way for your partner to do it too!
  • This date is a deal if your partner’s into doing adventurous stuff. Extroverts would love this idea but it’s also pretty good for introverts, as well!
  • You can buy shots 🍻 at the bar or buy one and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. The memes 😝 and naughty jokes are free while shots cost around $25 per round.


  • Buy the liquor and bring them to your place 🏠 or go out bar hopping! It’d be more intimate if you do it in a private place but if you’re all for thrill and fun, you could also choose to go to a bar.
  • Start with drinking shots. You can also play a simple drinking game while watching a TV 📺 show and wait for someone to say something.
  • Wait until you are both tipsy. Then you can start to write memes and tell naughty jokes until you’re both feeling “in the zone.” Who knows where this date could lead to next?

7. Try Jam Doughnuts or Rusty Nails

Are you both into drinking 🥂 and having fun? Why don’t you try out cocktails you’ve never tried before? For this date, we recommend trying out Jam Doughnuts or Rusty Nails. Drink the night away 💦!

Tasting Notes

  • Try out these two treats and see why they are so popular! You can get these drinks from a bar or try to mix 🍾 one on your own.
  • This date is perfect if your partner absolutely loves to drink or they are fond of trying out new things.
  • Each will cost around $25 for two. You can get more of what you paid for if you try to mix it at home.


  • Go out with your partner and look 👀 for bars or clubs offering these two drinks.
  • If you’re planning to mix it at home 🏡, buy the ingredients for it beforehand and make sure you have a shot glass so you can enjoy it the way these are presented in bars. A couple of bottles of spirits will cost about $50-$60.
  • Enjoy the night 🌚 and drink until your heart’s 💗 content!
  • For those looking for a Rusty Nail recipe, Esquire has one right here.
  • We love jam doughnuts – a shot Scott used to make all the time when he was a bartender (back in his university days). It’s simple to make, all you need to do is fill a shot glass with half Chambord and half Baileys (in that order). For those who wish to get a bit more creative, coat the edge of the shot glass with red grenadine and dip it in sugar, then make the shot as before.
Shots date idea

8. Pub trivia with a bottle of red wine

Do you or your partner enjoy answering trivia? Or maybe you’d just want to try your hand at it. Whatever it is, going to a pub for trivia night would be a fun date activity.

Tasting Notes

  • If you’re feeling a little bit confident about you and your partner’s knowledge 📖 about a certain topic, it’s a good idea to go ahead and try it out by going out and playing against other people.
  • This date is ideal if your partner loves to geek 🤓 out on some stuff. The more general the information is, the better!
  • Trivia nights are usually free for all. You’d just have to buy drinks 🍹 to enter ($50 should cover a nice bottle of wine).


  • Look for local pubs that offer trivia 🥸 night. It would be better if you’re both interested in what the questions will be about.
  • Go ahead and enter trivia night. Buy some food and drinks so you’d feel more of the “pub” ambiance too.
  • Answer all the questions to the best of your extent. Have fun discussing what could be the answer with your partner. It’s a team effort!

9. Go to a shisha bar

You may be familiar with what a shisha bar is all about. It’s usually also called hookah 🚬 bars, lounge, cafe, or den. If you or your partner haven’t been to it, it’s definitely going to be quite an experience for both of you.

Shisha date idea

Tasting Notes

  • Feeling a little bit risky and you’d just want to be carefree and go YOLO? Then you might just have the perfect person to do this with. See if your FWB is onboard for this date.
  • This type of date is perfect if your partner loves to try out new things, or they’re feeling more carefree and less uptight about living life.
  • It costs about $50 for a big hookah but the price usually varies depending on the volume and flavor.


  • Look for available shisha lounges or bars in your area. There are quite a number of those in cities so if you’re a bit far away, you’re looking at taking a short trip.
  • When you’re in the bar, you can try to check if there are a variety of flavors 🍀 you can both try. We suggest trying out new flavors as you don’t really see it that much often! Lisa’s favourite is double apple and Scott’s is Vanilla.
  • Aside from trying out flavors, you can also try hookah mixes if the lounge’s offering them. We suggest that you try everything that you can with your date as it will be a great experience for the both of you.

10. Pole-dancing class

Pole 🕺 dancing is very much of a physical activity that will require strength and endurance. But it’s alright if you or your partner haven’t tried this before. It’s a very adventurous ✨ and one-of-a-kind type of date. We can guarantee that you will enjoy doing this!

Tasting Notes

  • Want to do something physical 🤗 for a date? A pole-dancing class is perfect just for this!
  • This date is perfect if your partner loves to move and stay active during dates.
  • It will cost $180 per person for a 6-week pole course.


  • Book 🗓 a pole dancing class. It usually ranges from 4 to 8 weeks and it averages at around 6 weeks for a beginners’ class.
  • Arrive at the pole dancing class with your partner. Make sure you’re properly dressed up for the occasion (pretty much what you’d wear to the gym).
  • Really take in what’s being taught to you both during the classes. While you’re at it, have a great time ⏱ with your partner. 

We researched the popularity of all these dates (employing Google’s keyword search data) and found that restaurant hopping is the most popular date idea from this list. Tantric massage classes was the least searched category – so if you’re looking unique date idea, then this is a perfect choice.

Being in a “friends with benefits” type of relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t actually go on dates! You and your partner may still be figuring things out as you go or you’re both really settled into being just FWBs. But whatever it is, don’t restrict yourselves into just seeing each other in the bedroom 🛏. Instead, you should enjoy all the moments and go with the flow!

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