September 27, 2022

Our Top 10 Date Ideas for New Couples

New year, new life? Or more like… New year, new love?

Has the New Year surprised you with a new love but no original date plans? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are our top 10 ideas for new couples that will leave your new squeeze lovestruck 😍!

Date IdeaTime of DayBest suited toApprox. BudgetDuration (hours)
Hunt Pokémon with Pokémon Go 🐛DayNerds at heartFree1-2
Dining in the dark 🕯️NightFoodies$2501-2
Enjoy a picnic filled with gourmet goodies 🍉DayRomantics$501-2
Go swing dancing at a jazz club 🕺NightRomantics$1002-3
Abseiling/Canyoning 🛶DayDare Devils$2002-4
Laser Tag 🔫Day/NightNerds at heart$301-2
Try 36 questions to fall in love 💖Day/NightEveryone!Free2-3
Coffee making course 💑DayCoffee Connoisseurs$1001-3
Love languages test 💑Day/NightEveryone!Free1
Bath in a waterfall 🤽DayNature loversFree1-2

Try out these unique ideas and enjoy some couple-licious time! 😏

1. 🕹️ Hunt Pokémon with Pokémon Go 🐛  

Gotta catch ’em all!

What better way to stay in love than reliving some 90’s nostalgia as you seek to become a Pokémon Master!

Tasting Notes

  • If you were once (or still are) Pokémon fans (like us), this is a perfect free date idea. It has been proven that sharing hobbies makes couples closer, as shared tastes create strong bonds.
  • The Love Language of your partner most suited to this activity is ‘Quality Time’.
  • The best part of this date is that you will not have to invest money, you just have to have your phone and a park nearby. Fresh air, Pokémon, a sunset and bae… what better date could you ask for?


  • We recommend you to choose an outdoor park or landmark where Pokémon are known to frequent, where after you finish you both can enjoy a tasty ice cream or sit and watch the landscape.

2. 🍝 Dining in the dark 🕯️

Good food and your favorite person – let’s go! Try this idea and create an intimate and romantic atmosphere with your partner.

Tasting Notes

  • A perfect idea if you and your partner are looking to spend private moments that will reinforce your intimacy. An excellent date for foodies.
    • By doing this activity, you will be able to put into practice the language of love, Physical Touch. An evening in the candlelight and private space will make you both get closer physically.
    • For an outstanding ‘dining in the dark’ experience (which includes multiple courses and drinks) you’d expect to spend just over $200.


  • Dining in the Dark venues are popular establishments so booking in advance is highly advised.
  • Trip Advisor can refer you to a Dining in the Dark venue local to you.
  • And that’s it, enjoy an unforgettable evening with that special person.

3. 🍓 Enjoy a picnic filled with gourmet goodies 🍉

Strawberries on a summer evening? 🎵

Enjoy some delicious gourmet snacks outdoors with your life partner and share a special moment!

Tasting Notes

  • Are you tired of going out to the same restaurant or movie theater? This idea will get you out of the routine for some fun times with your special person.
    • One of the love languages that you both will be expressed here is Quality Time.
    • This activity requires saving time to carry it out and to be able to share a moment.
    • For only $25, you can have a wide variety of gourmet goodies to share with your partner.


  • Be sure to choose a special park for picnics – we look for places with flower gardens, water views or plenty of green trees. Try to find a clean space where there are usually no dogs walking around or lots of people. Keeping this in mind will prevent the date from losing its magic and allow for relaxation in a natural, out of the ordinary, environment.
  • Make a list of everything you need in addition to the food. Make sure to bring glasses, napkins, and other implements that might be needed, such as cutlery and water bottles.
  • As an extra detail, you could prepare a smartphone playlist of music that you both enjoy and accompany the moment with meaningful songs.

4. 💃 Go swing dancing at a jazz club 🕺

Dance is a universal language, and when it comes to love, this is its best interpreter. This activity will make for a fun and romantic evening.

Tasting Notes

  • Ready for a night full of dance and drinks? This activity will bring out the fun side of your relationship.
    • Physical Touch will be the language of love experienced with this activity.
    • Music brings people closer together and makes them feel more connected. And the dancing? You will be able to impress your partner with your hidden dancing skills.
    • This activity is a little more on the higher end of the budget as you may spend around $100. This style of club is a little exclusive, and their drinks services tend to have high prices. So, plan your budget before opting for this option.


  • Make sure this is an activity that your partner will enjoy. Not everyone is a fan of jazz music or dancing. So, keep this in mind before opting for this option.
  • This is a good opportunity to try a more elegant outfit. You can agree with your partner to wear a special outfit that will dazzle both of you when you meet to go to the club.
  • Before going to the club, you can opt for a simple dinner at home. In this way, you will not only be using the love language of Physical Touch but also Quality Time.

5. 🚣 Abseiling/Canyoning 🛶

Enjoying the fresh air with a new adventure in nature will be an excellent time to give a boost to your couple’s activities.

Tasting Notes

  • This type of activity is recommended for adventurous couples. It is not an activity for everyone. It requires a certain physical condition and a taste for extreme activities.
  • Gifts would be the language of love experienced with this activity.
  • This activity will cost around $200 for the two of you but it can vary in price depending on the operator and location.


  • Canyoning usually involves both climbing and swimming so if you or your partner do not know how to swim or how to do it correctly, maybe this is an activity that you should not try. In case you do it, your instructor should provide all the necessary precautions to avoid possible accidents.
  • We always check the operator’s website to ensure they’re adequately licensed.
  • The most recommended time to do this activity is in the morning when the environment is a little cooler. Remember to check the weather forecast and make sure you will have a sunny day on that date. You don’t want it to start raining in the middle of your trip.

6. 🔫 Laser Tag 🔫

If you and bae are the competitive type (like us!) then you’ll love this fun filled date idea.

Laser tag is a fast paced and budget way to spend an afternoon (without the bruising associated with paint-ball).

Tasting Notes

  • This date is perfect for active couples – those looking to get out of the routine with something new and unexpected.
  • Quality Time would be the language of love experienced with this activity.
  • Laser tag hours are not very expensive, two to three hours of playing will cost you about $15 each ($30 total).


  • This activity is great when there’s more than two (did I hear ‘double date’!?).
  • It can also be an appropriate activity to invite your single friends. In this way, you will be able to integrate bae into your friends circle more naturally.
  • These types of activities can bring out the fun and playful sides of both of you that you may not have had the opportunity to show before.

7. Try 36 questions to fall in love 💖

Whilst many of the dates we propose here are more on the fun side, how about something a little more meaningful and deep? There are other things you can do to strengthen the bonds with your loved one and the ’36 questions to fall in love’ quiz is one of them.

This date is perfect for new couples!

Tasting Notes

  • This activity can help you get to know more about your partner’s tastes, history, and way of thinking. Which will increase your liking for her or him.
  • Quality Time would be the language of love experienced with this activity.
  • It is an activity that requires no investment. You just need to search on the internet for the list of 36 Questions to Fall in Love and start asking the questions.


  • You should keep in mind that many of the questions are a bit delicate or sensitive. So, you should not pressure your partner to answer. It should be an activity to enjoy and get to know each other, not to create tension.
  • Some questions may require you to ‘read the room’ a little. Create a safe space for your partner to answer, affirming that nothing which is discussed will be spoken about with others.

8. ☕ Coffee making course 💑

If you both love coffee (like us!) and love to learn new things this activity will be perfect for you.

Now there’s a big bonus to this date and that is learning to make your partners perfect cup of coffee. Bringing the perfect cup in the morning to bae as they’re just waking up is sure to start off any day on the right track!

Tasting Notes

  • These classes are perfect for coffee connoisseurs!
  • Acts of Service would be the language of love experienced with this activity.
  • Courses of this type are not very expensive, they usually cost around $100 and often have promotions if you go as a couple. Viator is a resource we’ve used for this before.


  • Mornings are a great time to book in a course, right when the coffee cravings are kicking in.
  • Learning these types of things can lead to you being able to practice together at home and spend quality time testing what you have learned.

9. ❤️ Love languages test 💑

This is another date activity that does not need a lot of logistics nor expense. It can be done any time you both have some alone time.

Tasting Notes

  • This activity will let you know what kind of love languages your partner has. You will be able to understand how each of you expresses your love and why some actions mean more to you than others within your relationship.
  • Quality Time would be the language of love experienced with this activity.
  • For this activity, you will only need to access the love languages test page. Find the test and do it with your partner.


  • You can accompany this activity with a bottle of wine and make the moment more special.
  • As a couple, we regularly discuss our love languages and suggest actions for each other to take (the notes are stuck on our fridge for easy viewing 😊).

10. 🌊 Bath in a waterfall 🤽

Ready to renew your energy in a refreshing bath under the waterfalls? Try this date and enjoy a unique connection with nature and your loved one.

Visiting a waterfall (not pictured) and finding rainbows nearby!

Tasting Notes

  • A perfect activity for nature lovers and adventurous couples as you will experience a closeness with mother earth and her incredible landscapes.
  • Physical Touch would be the language of love experienced with this activity.
  • To get close to nature, you don’t have to invest anything. You only have to look for places in your area that have this kind of landscape.


  • Make sure you both wear appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes. To get to this type of location, you will have to go through a lot of vegetation, so you don’t want to be in uncomfortable clothes.
  • We prefer to do this type of activity in the morning when it’s a little cooler.

And that’s our list of 10 unique date ideas to experiment with your new lover 💑. Give yourself a chance to break the routine and experience a new way to show your love. 

We researched the popularity of all these dates (employing Google’s keyword search data) and found that the ‘Dining-in-the-Dark’ was the most popular date in this category. The ‘Pokemon Go’ idea was the most unique and one we highly suggest you lock in the calendar for your next date with bae (as we have 😉 ).