October 1, 2022

Romantic gestures for date night

In today’s blog, we won’t be discussing date ideas per se – we’re instead going to discuss some of our favorite romantic gestures for date night.

These ideas are more like the ‘icing on the cake’ in a relationship. You can add the gestures to a date (to make it more special) or as a stand-alone act to make bae smile just a little more 😉 – anytime you like!

GestureTime of dayLove LanguageWho’s it for?Budget
Fill your house with the scent of a flower they’d loveNightActs of ServiceNature lovers$40
Hire a musician to serenade your next evening picnic dateNightQuality TimeMusic lovers$175
Give your date your dessert!NightGiftsFoodies$150
Spell ‘I love you’ or a draw heart in tea candlesNightWords of AffirmationRomantics$10
Offer a back massageNightPhysical TouchRomantics$10

Fill your house with the scent of a flower they’d love

Some people adore flowers – in fact, these are one of Lisa’s favorite things in life (alongside cats). So a while ago we bought an essential oil diffuser along with a set of oils that have the scent of various flowers – for example, lavender, roses, magnolia and cherry blossom.

Scent diffusers are cheap ($15 on Amazon) with the more stylish options costing around $40 (which will include a set of 10 different essential oils for free). Lisa absolutely loves coming home after a stressful day to a clean house that smells like a rose garden!

This gesture is perfect for those whose Love Language is Acts of Service.

Hire a musician to serenade your next evening picnic date

We’ve discussed picnic date ideas before on this blog but there’s a special way to ramp up the romance. There are many freelance musicians in all parts of the world who (for the right fee) are happy to show up at your next evening picnic and serenade your date as you both watch the sunset.

Romantic gestures for date night

Scott surprised Lisa with this date a while ago. It was a simple evening picnic with a bottle of red wine, cheese and a baguette, but to make it special, he’d hired a freelance acoustic guitarist to play love songs for an hour! (Did you know: We call ‘Lucky’ by Jason Miraz our song and it was played when Lisa walked down the aisle on our wedding day. This song is perfect for this date!).

This gesture is perfect for those whose Love Language is Quality Time, has a soft spot for romance and would love feeling like the center of attention (hint: extroverts!). The cost of a solo musician is a tad on the more expensive side (circa $150-$200 per hour according to Thumbtack.com) but the cost can be higher for someone really good (Scott paid over $400 but it was worth it!).

Give your date your dessert!

When you’re stressed, turn it around and what do you get? Desserts!

Dessert date gesture

Lisa is a big fan of Japanese cuisine (thick slices of salmon and toro with a generous serve of wasabi & soy sauce absolutely make her night!) as well as black sesame icecream. Scott has a sweet tooth, so he loves icecream too but not as much as Lisa loves this flavor. So when dessert arrives, Scott will only take the smallest nip of ice cream on his spoon and eat very slowly whilst Lisa finishes hers.

When she’s done and become distracted by her phone, he’ll switch her empty bowl for his almost full bowl and wait until she notices.

Scott: ‘Darling, why haven’t you finished your icecream?’
Lisa: ‘I have!….*notices the now full ice cream bowl in front of her….awww!’ *big smiles 🙂

This gesture is perfect for foodies and those whose Love Language is Gifts. The cost of the gesture itself is free but of course, the dinner isn’t. We usually spend $120-$150 on a meal for two at a high-quality establishment.

Spell ‘I love you’ or draw a heart in tea candles

Tea candles gesture

This gesture pairs perfectly with a homecooked dinner-date meal or alternatively, see if a fine dining restaurant nearby is willing to bend their rules (just a little) and bring their wonderful cuisine to your home (in the above picture we did this with a local French restaurant – it was divine and a great way to support local businesses during covid!).

Tea candles are very cheap (less than $10 for a pack of 100) but create an incredibly romantic atmosphere. You can order packs online or at any well-stocked retailer (e.g. Walmart, Krogers or Costco).

This gesture is perfect if your date is the romantic type and whose Love Language is Words of Affirmation.

You might be surprised but the above picture (with the tea candles in a heart) is a cheeky picture from our wedding dinner. We got married in May of 2020 right in the midst of covid restrictions. Nothing was going to stop us from having a romantic day and we made the most of what we had at home! 🙂

Offer a back massage

For those whose Love Language is Physical Touch, this is a fantastic romantic gesture. After a workout at the gym (or in Lisa’s case, the lyra studio or stretch class), Scott will sometimes run a bath for her (with essential oils and flower petals or you can buy a bath bomb from Lush for less than $10) followed by a relaxing back rub.

In terms of which oils to use – we’ve tried a few. Some of the more common massage oils (for example, those by Durex) are ok, but they’ve been a tad on the stickier side and it hasn’t been to our liking. We also tried rose petal oil a while ago which worked well but was quite expensive ($50 for a small 100ml bottle).

Our favorite has been coconut oil. It usually comes in a big 1L bottle and costs less than $10. The oil has no stick and is (according to Healthline.com) great for your skin.

This gesture is also perfect for romantics and those whose Love Language is Physical Touch!

To sum it up!

We researched the popularity of all these gestures (employing Google’s keyword search data) and found that the ‘Offer a back massage’ idea was the most popular gesture in this category. The ‘Give your date your dessert’ idea was the most unique although we have to say, Lisa absolutely loved it when Scott hired that acoustic guitarist to serenade their picnic (so that’s our pick and we’d highly recommend it! 🙂 ).

What we love about these gestures is they’re simple, fun and can be selected to suit your date’s love language and personality. We hope these gestures spice up your next date!

By the way, if you’re looking to add some romance to your next date, we’ve just finished a blog on how to do exactly this. You can find it here!