October 3, 2022

Our Top 10 Date Ideas for Him

Are you looking to spoil your partner a little extra for a special occasion or just as an excuse to show how much you love him We’ve got you covered, here are our top 10 date ideas for him!

Date IdeaTime of DayBest suited to~BudgetDuration (hours)
Football ⚽Day/NightSport Lovers$2002-3
Brewery Tour 🍻DayBeer Aficionados$1502-3
Axe throwing 🪓Day/NightModern Vikings$1002
Build and launch a rocket 🚀DayNerds at Heart$606
Car show 🚗DayMotorheads$262-3
Quad biking 💫DayAdventurers$2001
4WD mountain/bush cruising ⛰️DayAdventurers$4508
Paintball & steak after! 🍽️DayMr Hunger Games$802-3
Hit up a go-kart track 🏎️DayRacing Enthusiasts$801-2
Shooting range 🔫DayMr James Bond$1801-3

You can choose which one is perfect for your bae and surprise him with his dream date ❤️‍🔥.

  1. Football

Is your partner a football fanatic? 🏆 Then you should definitely treat him to a live game!

Tasting Notes

  • This date idea for him works like a charm if your partner loves football!
  • The Love Language of your partner most suited to this activity would be ‘Receiving Gifts’ as you’ll surprise him with tickets to the football game.
  • You can expect to spend at least $30 per each on your tickets (for local games) and over $80 for national games such as the English Premier League. The cost of a ticket to the World Cup final (according to CNBC) costs $1,100 for the best seats down to $455 for seats behind the goal.


  • It’s worth noting that food is expensive at soccer games, so budgeting another $20-$30 for the day is advisable for snacks and drinks.
  • The perfect way to end this date is with a huge pizza 🍕on the way home, discussing the highlights of the game.
  • One way to really take this football date to the next level would be to turn it into a weekend getaway. A day of football followed by a day of sightseeing and tours is an incredibly romantic plan.

2. 🍻 Brewery Tour 🍻

A brewery tour is an amazing and unique date. You and your partner will get to try a variety of craft beers and discover the process of how they’re made.

Tasting Notes

  • This kind of date is ideal if your partner loves beer!
  • The Love Language of your partner most suited to this activity would be ‘Quality Time’ since you’ll be spending several hours together while on the tour.
  • Prices usually start at $45 per person for a 2-hour tour and go up to $300 for a full-day experience. You can choose the tour that fits your partner’s preferences and is within your budget.


  • You’ll be drinking, so plan not to drive afterwards. Not having work the next day is also advisable in case of a culture induced hangover 😉.
  • Show up ready to taste a range of beers while you pay attention to the experts. Maybe you can even venture into making your own at home afterward! There are tons of home kits to do this.
  • One way to enhance this date idea for him is to book a brewery tour that includes a generous pub meal lunch. It’s best to keep that stomach full while trying so many new beers! 🍺

3. 🪓 Axe throwing 🪓

Does bowling sound too overdone for you and your partner? Don’t worry! Axe throwing is a date night trend that seems to be here to stay.

Tasting Notes

  • This date works best if your partner enjoys games like throwing darts or bowling and would love to switch things up.
  • The Love Language of your partner most suited to this activity would be ‘Words of Affirmation’ as you’ll be cheering on one another to throw that axe to the centre of the target.
  • This date starts at $50 per person for a 2-hour session, making it a fun yet not overly expensive outing that’s perfect for your bae.


  • This experience can be done at any time of the day. Still, we recommend going axe throwing during the evening and follow it with a delicious dinner. You’ve earned it after all that hurling!
  • Make sure to make a reservation in advance, as this is a very popular date plan and time slots tend to fill quickly.

4. 🚀 Build and launch a rocket 🚀

Want to wow your partner with a one-of-a-kind date for him? Building your own model rocket and seeing it shoot to the sky can make for a pretty romantic experience.

Tasting Notes

  • This date will be successful if your partner loves outer space or is a nerd at heart.
  • The Love Language of your partner most suited to this activity would be ‘Acts of Service’ since you’ll be helping each other build the rocket.
  • This date can be considered a budget experience – model rockets start at $60 and could be cheaper if you find one on sale. Still, there are $300 model rockets out there if you’re feeling like splashing out.


  • If your partner knows his way around rockets or is up for a fun challenge, this is the perfect activity to spend some alone time together.
  • The best time to launch your rocket would be during the late afternoon when there’s still light in the sky but the sunset colors are starting to poke in there. It makes for an amazing photo opportunity as well!
  • A sweet way to finish off this date is to watch a space-related movie 👨🏻‍🚀 (We’d recommend Interstellar), accompanied by some delicious snack or an early dinner.

5. 🚗 Car show 🚗

If your partner is an automobile lover and could spend an entire day just looking at cars… the best date for him would be to attend a car show together!

Tasting Notes

  • This date is the perfect outing if your bae is obsessed with cars and is interested in knowing everything about the industry.  It’ll be super fun and it has a lot of bonding potential.
  • The Love Language of your partner most suited to this activity would be ‘Quality Time’ since you’ll treat him to the car show and he’ll be able to be surrounded by peers who share his passion for automobiles.
  • Attending a car show is an amazing budget date idea to treat your partner to. Prices start at $13 per person for the entry ticket to the event.


  • Be sure to get your tickets in advance since a lot of automobile lovers are looking to attend these kinds of events.
  • Prepare an additional budget for food and beverages because there will be food vendors on the show, and you might be tempted to buy some snacks.
  • The hours for motor shows are usually 10 am to 10 pm, giving you enough time to spend a full day there. We recommend getting to the venue as early as possible to be able to enjoy all the exhibits when the crowds are still light.

6. 💫 Quad biking 💫

In case your partner would be fonder of something more adventurous, quad biking is a fun option. You’ll both get your heart racing with this exciting activity!  

Tasting Notes

  • This is an amazing date for adrenaline junkies, so it’ll work best if your partner is the active kind and loves a good outdoor adventure.  
  • The Love Language of your partner most suited to this activity would be ‘Acts of Service’ since you’ll be caring for each other as you bike through the challenging winding trails.
  • This date idea lays more on the expensive side, with prices starting at $100 per person for a 1-hour experience.


  • The first step towards a successful quad biking date is to find the perfect adventure sports centre and choose your preferred experience. If this is your first time doing this kind of activity, it might be best to start slow and book a shorter time slot on a quieter trail suited for beginners.
  • The best time to go quad biking is right before sunset if you want to catch a wonderful pastel sky and nightly breezes. This breathtaking view will increase the romantic factor of the experience! 🌇

7. ⛰️ 4WD mountain/bush cruising ⛰️

If a true adventure is what your partner would love the most, 4WD cruising will make him the happiest man out there. Explore some beautiful landscapes on this date specially tailored towards your bae!

Tasting Notes:

  • This date works best if your partner has a passion for outdoor adventures and 4WD vehicles.
  • The Love Language of your partner most suited to this activity would be ‘Quality Time’ since most 4WD adventures are offered for private small groups such as couples or families of a maximum of four people. You two will get to spend a lot of time together on this unique outing!
  • 4DW adventures are pricey but completely worth it if you know you’ll both enjoy it. The prices usually start at $450 per couple for an 8-hour full-day drive. One great thing is that these kinds of experiences tend to include lunch, snacks, and a variety of beverages.


  • Pick a 4WD adventure center that offers trails with the landscapes your partner loves the most (Viator is our favorite source as they have multiple operators offering tours in regions around the world). There’s a great variety of options out there for 4WD cruising, such as beach, farm, mountain, or desert trails.
  • Bear in mind that 4WD adventures are perfect for early birds! Some tours start as early as 6 am.
  • A great add-on to this date is to book a private 4WD driving lesson for your partner on top of your cruising tour. He’ll love getting a chance to drive off on his own little adventure!

8. 🎨 Paintball & steak after! 🍽️

This date idea for him is a double treat, zero tricks. If your partner loves challenges and is up for some serious fun, paintball and steaks is the winner for your bae.

Tasting Notes

  • This date works best if your partner likes to be active and enjoys competitive games.
  • The Love Language of your partner most suited to this activity would be ‘Words of Affirmation’, as you two can challenge and cheer on each other during the paintball game. There’s also room for some positive reflection on your paintball performances during dinner.
  • Paintballing can be (on its own) a fun and budget date, with prices starting at $10 per person for 100 paintballs. Although pricing can vary depending on each paintballing center, this date is on the more affordable side and if you make every shot count you can still make it a budget outing.
  • If paintball is the budget part of this date, the steak dinner is the way to spoil yourselves for leaving it all on the game field. It all depends on which restaurant you choose for your dinner, of course, but prices for a steak main course generally start at $15 / $20 per plate.


  • Make sure to book everything in advance and coordinate the times so you won’t have to rush your way out of the paintball center to get to the steakhouse.
  • It’ll be best to pick a restaurant that’s near the paintball location, just for the sake of convenience. TripAdvisor has information regarding the best steakhouses all around the world, so it might be a great starting point when picking out where to eat.

9. 🏎️ Hit up a go-kart track 🏎️

Go-karting is the ideal date activity if your partner is a motorsports aficionado and an adrenaline lover. You can race each other on the track during this unique outing!  

Tasting Notes:

  • This date works best if your partner is a motorsport racing enthusiast.
  • The Love Language of your partner most suited to this activity would be ‘Receiving Gifts’.
  • Go-karting prices start at $40 per person for a single race on a rookie’s kart and can go up to $100 + for more than one race with a faster vehicle.


  • The track is everything when racing, so pay attention to the ones offered by all nearby motorsport venues. Pick the one that you or your partner feels the most drawn to and get ready to speed things up. 🏁
  • For go-karting, outdoor tracks are the best ones out there. They mimic the thrill and excitement of real-life racing competitions.
  • If you feel like amping up the competition factor, dare your partner to buy the next drink if he loses the race. It’s a great way to have some extra fun.

10.  🔫 Shooting range 🔫

On the lookout for an edgier type of activity that your partner might be into? A date night at a shooting range can make for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Tasting Notes:

  • This active date works best if your partner is into shooting, hunting, fishing or similar ‘rugged’ activities.
  • The Love Language of your partner most suited to this activity would be ‘Physical Touch’ since shooting is an activity of tactile nature.
  • This date is fairly expensive, with prices starting at $90 a person for 50 shots with a semi-automatic pistol.


  • For experienced shooters, it’s best to bring your own guns to the range to save some serious bucks. For complete beginners, shooting ranges often hire and offer training inductions.
  • The best way to end this date on a high note is with a generous meal once you’ve left the shooting range. A pub meal with beers (or vino, why not?) are a perfect combination.

Those were our top 10 date ideas for him! We hope you found the perfect experience to treat your partner to. It’s always lovely to spoil each other a tad extra and he’ll definitely appreciate it.

We researched the popularity of all these dates (employing Google’s keyword search data) and found that Quad biking tours (ATV’s) are the most popular date idea for him. Rocket building was the least searched category – so if you’re looking unique date for your man, this is a perfect choice.