October 3, 2022

Our Top 10 Sunday Night Date Ideas

Sunday nights aren’t meant for sleeping, especially when you have bae to go on a date with!

To supercharge the end of your weekend with love, here’s our ultimate list of unique Sunday night date ideas.

Date IdeaTime of DayBest suited to~BudgetDuration (hours)
Take-Out in Your Living Room by Candlelight 🕯️NightRomantics$601-2
Paint Abstract Art Together 🎨NightArt lovers$301-2
Grab Hawker Food in China Town 🥡NightFoodies$251-2
Drive-in Cinema- In Your Garage 🎥NightIntroverts$502-3
Tarot Cards with a ‘purrfect’ twist 😺NightSpiritual Souls$201-2
Escape Room 🧩NightNerds at Heart$801
Go to Your Favourite Restaurant & Order for Each Other 🍱NightFoodies!$1501-2
Indoor Karaoke! 🎤NightMusic loversFree1-3
Night Time Stroll Around the Neighbourhood 🚶‍♀️NightRomanticsFree1-2
Have a DIY Wine Tasting 🍷NightVino connoisseur$501-2

Our list will ensure that you always have something new to try out, and your dates never become boring 😉

1. 🕯️ Order Take-Out and Have it in Your Living Room by Beautiful Candlelight 🕯️

Tasty food 🍴, loose pajamas 🧦, light music 🎧, candlelight 🕯️, and the love of your life 💗, it’s the perfect Sunday date night in.

Tasting Notes

  • This date idea is perfect for couples that just want to spend some “us” time in a comfy environment 🛋️.
  • The love language of your partner ideal for this date is acts of service as it saves you both doing the cooking and cleaning.
  • This date isn’t overly expensive. Depending on the meal you choose and the restaurant you order from, the bill will vary between $40 and $100 (or higher). Scented candles can cost anywhere from $5 online to $30 at specialty retailers. We usually buy ‘tealights’ which cost less than $1 each and look amazing. On average, we spend around $60 for this date.


  • Make a list of food items you both love. Place a takeout order (Uber Eats, Grub Hub or Door Dash are great options) and set it to arrive before your partner arrives home from work.
  • Get scented candles 🕯️ and place them in your living room. To make the arrangement more beautiful, turn on some light music 🎧, or grab a bouquet of flowers 💐 to add a little flare.
  • Surprise your loved one by welcoming them home to this warm setup. This sweet surprise may get you some extra kisses 💋.

2.🎨 Paint Abstract Art Together 🎨

Abstract art on two canvas’ one Sunday afternoon

Are you impressed with your partner’s creative side? Trying your hand at abstract art is a great way to flex your creative muscles and create something that you two can treasure forever.

Tasting Notes

  • It is the perfect Sunday night date idea if your partner has a passion for art and creativity.
  • The most suited love language of your partner for this activity is ‘gifts’ 🎁 as you’ll be creating something meaningful to keep together.
  • Widely seen in two and three-dimensional pieces, abstract art 🎨 allows you to draw without any restrictions. What makes it amazing is the fact that you can draw it using any materials and on any surface.  


  • Professional or regular artists usually have the required materials at home. If you’re trying your hands on abstract art for the first time, you can buy a small canvas 🖼️, some colors of your choice 🎨, and art brushes 🖌️. The total cost of the art materials will significantly vary depending on the quality and brand of materials but you can expect (on average) to spend around $30 on this date idea.
  • End the night with either a home-cooked meal or restaurant ordered food.

3. 🥡 Grab Hawker Food in China Town 🥡

What’s quick, tasty and perfect for a quick Sunday dinner? Hawker’s markets – and you’ll find plenty of choice at your local China Town.

What we love about Hawker’s markets is the skill of the chefs involved. You can’t be a mediocre chef and hold a position in a hawker’s market – customers can simply walk 2 meters to the next stall. The skill of the chef is their key to success.

With so many options, what should you eat? We’re suggesting you buy ramen. Yes, there is other hawker food there…we know…but…ramen is the king of all dinners (you can probably tell that we’re fans).

Tasting Notes

  • This date idea will be a hit if your partner is a foodie!
  • The love language of your partner for this particular Sunday night date idea would be quality time as you’ll be having a light-hearted conversation with your meal.
  • It is one of the most budget-friendly date options that you’ll find. You can get some delicious appetizers and more within $25. (You may end up spending more, as the hawkers in China Town offer many lip-smacking food items.)


  • Hawker’s markets are usually CBD based, so taking the train, bus or rideshare (Uber, Lyft, Didi, Ola) are all great options (remember to be safe and wear your mask!).
  • Leave room for dessert and take the opportunity to try a couple of different stalls
  • Finish the night off with a stroll to walk off your dinner, this leaves you plenty of room for quality time together.

4. 🎥 Drive-in Cinema- In Your Garage 🎥

To keep the excitement alive on all your dates, you should never stop doing unique things. Everyone can go to a drive-in cinema, but why not re-create it in your own private setting?

Tasting Notes

  • This is a perfect date if your partner is the introverted type and prefers affection in a private setting.
  • Your partner’s ideal love language for this activity would be quality time.
  • Arranging for a drive-in cinema set up in your garage doesn’t have to be expensive. You can easily spend over $200 on Amazon for a projector however they’re considerably cheaper on Facebook Marketplace or eBay. Many projector models are compatible with smartphones which means projecting a stream from Netflix or Youtube is very easy.


  • This date is best at night.
  • Keep your garage ready for a night premier exclusively for the two of you. To surprise your partner, take them on a ride downtown in the evening and return, parking your car in the garage.
  • Make sure the garage lights are turned off when you first reach there. Ask your partner to sit in the car while you start the movie premier.
  • It goes without saying that popcorn, icecream chocolate and wine (we’d suggest shiraz) are all mandatory 😉.

5. 😺 Tarot Cards with a ‘purrfect’ twist 😺

If your partner is spiritual 🧘 why not lean into that with a Tarot card reading. You can make it extra personal with a themed deck such as cat 😺 tarot cards (see here on Amazon).

Tasting Notes

  • Playing cat tarot cards can be the best date idea if your partner has a keen interest in tarots with a never-ending love for cats.
  • The love language of your better half best suited for this activity would be words of affirmation as you’ll have to discuss insights into each-others deeper selves.
  • Cat tarot decks come with cards that are based on the highly relatable feline behavior of most cat owners. You can get a pack of cat tarot decks for about $20-$30.


  • Get a pack of tarot cards if you don’t have one at hand. Start playing by picking random tarot cards and you’ll be amused seeing what each card has to say about you two.
  • Follow this activity with a great meal – (we recommend cook together instead of ordering something. It brings a different level of togetherness and love).

6. 🧩 Escape Room 🧩

Escape Hunt, escape room in Sydney

Escape rooms are one of our ‘all-time-favourite’ date options – we’ve been to many. This activity provides a rush of adrenaline and endorphins as you rush through the puzzles 🧩 and try to escape before your hour is up ⏱️. Activities like this have always brought us closer together as we’ve worked as a team to solve the abstract challenges and beat the record scores.

Tasting Notes

  • This date idea works brilliantly if your partner has a competitive streak (we both sure do!).
  • This date works perfectly if you’re bae is a little nerdy and enjoys puzzles.
  • The love language most suited to this date idea is physical touch due to the tactile nature of many of the puzzles.
  • The escape room is an exciting activity where the players are locked in a room. To get out of the room, players have to solve the challenge by finding clues, solving mysteries, and a lot more. The cost is usually $40-$50 per person however we often find discounted tickets (20-40% off) on Groupon.com.
  • We do not recommend this date if your bae is claustrophobic or awaiting an important call – it’s no-phones for an hour ⌛!


  • This date can be booked at any time of the day. Escape rooms companies will normally have their own website which accepts bookings. Alternatively, Viator (and Groupon as mentioned above) will accept bookings at a wide range of escape rooms located in your area.
  • Arrive at your booking 10 minutes early so you have time to check-in and get acquainted with the setting, the hosts will guide you through all the necessary steps.
  • Don’t forget to get a souvenir photo 📷 at the end!

7. 🍱 Go to Your Favourite Restaurant & Order for Each Other 🍱

How well does your partner know you? You’ll soon find out with this date idea 😉

Tasting Notes

  • This date idea is ideal if both you and your partner are foodies and love surprises.
  • The love language perfect for this Sunday date is ‘gifts’ as you’re choosing things for one another.
  • This is a unique Sunday date idea that keeps suspense maintained for both of you. As the two of you will be ordering for each other, neither of you will exactly know what’s coming your way. (If you’re looking to try this out, we’d suggest looking for top restaurants on Trip Advisor in your area).
  • Budget wise, a meal for two at a local restaurant with a couple of courses wine costs around $120-$150. More up-market restaurants will of course charge more.


  • Take your partner to the restaurant you selected from Trip Advisor. Don’t forget to disclose to your waitress/waiter that you two will be ordering for each other.
  • Wait for the order to arrive. We’re sure you’ll be surprised 😮 at how well you two know each other’s food habits and preferences.

8. 🎤 Indoor Karaoke! 🎤

Another fun-filled at-home Sunday night workaround is Indoor Karaoke. Singing your favorite songs together can be a lot more exciting than you think.  

Tasting Notes:

  • This date idea is perfectly suited for couples that share a special love for music.
  • Your partner’s love language perfect for this activity would be quality time as you’ll be making shared memories together.
  • Indoor Karaoke can be best played using top-quality microphones, song software, a sound system, and soundproofing. But the entire setup will cost you a lot of money (thousands). In our view, a better idea is to search for the YouTube channel; ‘Sing King’ which has heaps of free tracks that can be played from a smartphone or laptop.


  • Indoor Karaoke is perfect for night time, so make sure your setup is ready by evening. Let the party begin once your partner arrives!
  • Pre-queue a Watchlist on Youtube (using Sing King) of all your favorite tunes and some classics (don’t miss Boheimein Rhapsody or Let’s get it started by Black Eyed Peas).
  • Follow up the Karaoke with some great food and drinks from your favorite restaurant.

9. 🚶‍♀️ Night Time Stroll Around the Neighbourhood (We Do This One All the Time…) 🚶‍♀️

Sometimes the simplest of things bring about the greatest joys. You cannot always go out on dinner dates or movie dates (lockdowns, budgets, life), but you can certainly walk around your neighborhood for an evening filled with never-ending discussion.

Tasting Notes

  • Irrespective of any varied interests, this simple date idea is sure to win your hearts.
  • The love language of your partner best suited for this activity would be quality time as it’s an intimate moment shared together.
  • Strolling around a neighborhood doesn’t cost you a thing. Yet you will create valuable memories by merely talking your heart out.
  • Scott and I usually pick out destinations to visit – for example, a park by the water, a garden with a view of the city, or the sunset.


  • After you finish dinner, plan a route you’d like to take together.
  • Grab your keys and take your partner out for a night walk in a beautiful neighborhood. Just the two of you walking, sharing thoughts, creating countless beautiful moments… what else do you need?

10. 🍷 Have a DIY Wine Tasting 🍷

Barossa wine and an impromptu cheese board

Wine tasting is usually an expensive activity (unless your local wine cellar is kind enough to run a tasting), generally around the $200-$400 mark for a tour for the both of you. A more affordable option is to arrange a DIY wine tasting at home and enjoy a blissful Sunday.  

Tasting Notes

  • This date is perfect if your partner has a palate for fine wine.
  • The love language of your partner best suited for this date idea would be quality time.
  • Contrary to the common belief, wine can be relatively inexpensive and a couple of reasonably high-quality bottles shouldn’t set you back more than $50. However, if you’re planning to try out wines from the finest range, the bill may get slightly higher.


  • Start by choosing a theme for your evening whether it be as broad as “white wine” 🥂 or as specific as “Barossa Valley Shiraz” 🍷.
  • Select 2-3 bottles 🍾 from your theme (investing in some good quality bottle stoppers will save the spares for the rest of the week).
  • Grab some cheeses 🧀 and charcuterie 🥓 to make a paired antipasto board to go with your tasting. We find that heavier red wines pair nicely with strong cheeses like a Roquefort blue a Compte or a triple brie, whereas a lighter goat’s cheese or camembert will pair well with a lighter white.

Well, that’s our top 10 Sunday night date ideas! We researched the popularity of all these dates (employing Google’s keyword search data) and found that Escape Rooms are the most popular date for a Sunday night. Candlelit take-out dinner dates were the least searched category – so if you’re looking unique date to start your week, this is a perfect choice.